Starbucks Introduces Eco Friendly Plastic Cups

Seattle coffee giant Starbucks enters the league of environmentally friendly companies with the introducing of the new cheap and durable plastic cups that can be re-used.

Starbucks cup

The company’s distinctive eco-friendly white cups resemble the disposable ones that are already in use but are seen to reduce their space in the landfills. Starbucks patrons can purchase these new durable plastic alternatives for only one dollar. They also come with a 10 cent discount with any beverage.

The new cups are designed to hold the company’s tall and grande size drinks and also any smaller drinks. For consumers re-using the new cups, Starbucks will clean these cups with hot water before filling them, at no extra cost.

The company plans to serving up at least five per cent of the drinks that it sells in the re-usable cups by 2015. The cups have been tested for the past few months in the Pacific Northwest in over 600 locations.

The number of plastic cups that Starbucks bought back in 2012 jumped over 26 per cent when compared to a year earlier.