June 5: Celebrating World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day or WED as it is popularly known as is an initiative promoted every year by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). It aims to increase awareness related to the problems affecting the lives of the people.

“Eat. Think. Save” is this year’s theme, with which UNEP is promoting the issue of food-waste reduction. The organization estimates that around 1/3rd of the total food produced globally is wasted or lost, with the said problem being widely seen in rich countries. Around 222 million tonnes of food is wasted annually in such countries.

World Environment Day

WED is celebrated every 5th of June. The chief aim is raising the global awareness of taking positive environmental actions. The United Nations Conference on the subject of Human Environment began on this very day in 1972 and ran till 16th of June that year. The United Nations General Assembly established the day that year and was celebrated first in 1973. Every year, WED is hosted by a new city and with a new theme.

In his book Reclaiming Paradise, John McCormick writes that the event in Stockholm ensured the growth of environmentalism internationally. Such an occasion was a first one where the social, economic and political problems related to global environment were raised at a forum intergovernmental in stature.