How Does Wind Energy Work?

Wind can be defined as the movement of air. The formation of wind takes place due to the uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun that is more at the equator and less at the poles, so the heating is more on dry lands as compared to seas. Do you know how does wind energy work? Only few of us are aware of the benefits associated with wind energy.

Do you know where the wind comes from? As we all know that wind is the movement of air then what makes the air to move. This is almost related to physics. Sun makes the earth warm including the air, but the sun doesn’t warm everything on the earth equally. So, there are various areas with varied temperatures. When the air moves from one place to another, we feel the wind. But the speed of air movement or wind velocity relies on the variation of air pressure. The greater this difference the higher is the wind velocity.

wind energy works

When we observe at coastline, it is always windy as there is a great variation of air pressure above the land and the water, so most of the wind power plants are placed at the coastline.

How does wind energy work – The process of generation of electricity

How wind energy is converted into electric energy, reminding us that the mill in the past, typically from bakers to grind seeds and grains into flour. In fact, the working principle of the old and modern windmills is pretty much similar. Both the machines have blades that are rotated by wind power.

The major difference is that rather than millstone, the modern wind machine’s blades move the large turbines to convert the kinetic energy into electric energy. Wind machines are of several sizes and a group of wind machines is called as wind farm.

How does wind energy work – The future life with wind power

Wind energy popularity is growing rapidly day to day not only among the environmentalists; also it has been recognized among government and business societies as an alternative source of energy with higher effectiveness and economic potential. Wind energy is one of the renewable resources that are similar to the geothermal or solar energy. Generation of electricity using wind doesn’t make any harm to the water, soil or air.

Of course, the usage of wind power still provides enough space for further development and improvement. Also, the cost of electricity generated from wind power is still higher than the cost generated from conventional resources.