Green Transportation – Future of the Way We Travel

There are many green transportation methods that can help you keep fit and also reduce the pollution caused to the environment by the burning of fuels.

Green Transportation“Actions speak louder than words” is the quotation to be followed to introduce sustainable lifestyle. Some people have always established that “where there is will, there is a way” by innovative encouragement of Green transportation. Sustainable transportation methods have to be promoted by all the organisations not only to reduce the environmental impacts but also to find more innovative methods to protect our nature. Some such inspirations are mentioned hereunder.

Bikes for employees

Undisputedly, cycling is the healthiest and the most ecologically friendly mode of transportation. Gowalla, social website that is now acquired by Facebook, issued its employees bicycles for their daily commute. Each bicycle was painted with the employee’s name to which it belonged to. More than half of Gowwalla’s employees used to travel by bikes. Indeed corporate organisations and government agencies need to be inspired by Gowalla’s initiative, if true green transition is intended at all.

Carbon neutral taxis

The initiative of carbon neutralisation is a good option when complete elimination of greenhouse gas emissions is not possible. Radio Taxi Group, which plies 2,500 traditional black cabs in London, totally offsets its carbon emissions. It purchases offsets from The Carbon Neutral Company that in turn funds projects on conservation and preservation of environment throughout the world. The regular audit by them allows the Group to check its greenhouse gas emission, which has helped the company reduce various costs too. It thus helps itself by helping the environment.

Rent A Green Box

Packing and moving without generating any waste at all is the motive of Rent A Green Box. Recopack is the primary product and solution for packing and moving requirements of the Americans. Recopacks stand for Recycled Ecological Packs and are available on rent. Recopacks are crush/tear-resistant green boxes for storage and carriage of goods. In addition to this, delivery lorries of Rent A Green Box have dual fuel tanks as they can run on bio-fuel as well as waste-vegetable oil. Aerodynamic cab airflows, use of pure nitrogen in bladders, engine idle-settings optimisation, etc. are some of the other features and techniques engaged by the company to reduce fuel consumption. Thus, a totally ecologically packing and movement service is provided by Rent A Green Box.

Vegetable diesel vans

Maine Root has converted its cars from diesel to vegetable oil-compatible ones. The company recycles fryer oils that it collects from local restaurants into bio-diesel for its cars. Matt Seiler, who is the co-founder of Maine Root, had experience in boat-construction that he applied to good purpose. Thus, the vehicles are used for all types of delivery and transport by the company. The company officials have estimated $5,000 reduction in annual cost.

It is quite evident that a planned effort towards the introduction of green transportation methods does translate into overall profitable affair. While all these companies have set examples for sustainable transportation, others need to be innovative too to form a trend.