Green tips for seniors

When it comes to the elderly, the U.S. government is trying to improve care for the elderly, develop the basics of life is green. These specific care plans, which should be good professionals, but more importantly, that there are already good examples.

One of the examples is the Holistic Community Living based in Colorado. The non-profit organization is teaching others to operate neighborhood-based assisted living homes

Organization founder David Lazar off very optimistic about these homes. He said to give the community an opportunity for holistic living a new life for the elderly.

Building a community an excellent opportunity for graduates to enable them to remain part of their own community, without having to carry a segregated life.

Community residents are sweet older people who are involved in various green causes. Therefore, the founder of community care for older people is trying to attract older people in a variety of useful initiatives. Care for the elderly, but also make them feel they are still active and useful to society.

It’s a good idea to find many followers and soon to grow the project. There is another project for older people who have become very popular lately.

eco Green tips

Project Green House Project, a group of elders who live together and allow us to take care of each other. Greenhouses are built with green materials and environmentally friendly.

Each house is built differently. The warm design and special attention is drawn to the fact that the elderly in this project. Community Greenhouse offers special care, medical care and support in everyday life.

The houses are built with new technologies, the four elements. Heat is an important element of the green house “plan S. Includes a comfortable fit and environment needed to care for their elders. The second element is intelligent design.

The houses are designed to be profitable, and the use of electronic chip technology including ceiling lifts and wireless pagers. The third element is green. In these houses you can find plants, gardens and sun.

Organic foods are part of the daily diet in these houses, which is recommended for the elderly. On the other hand, the project also supports the local economy and the environment by buying local organic farms only.