Green Energy News around the World

With the growing pollution and the increasing omission of dangerous gases, we could see drastic changes in environment for the past few years. In fact, last few summers were the hottest summers ever seen in the history of mankind. If the pollution and the climate change continue for another few years, living becomes miserable for all the creatures on the Earth. Now, here comes the need for a green environment and thus the concept of going green is gaining importance as is the lookout for green energy news.

As talks for creating a greener environment for the future generations continue all around the world, individuals, companies and governments are focusing on green energy news and also on new ideas for generating energy out of natural resources instead of artificial ones.

Green Energy News

Some green energy news to inspire you

With the rising pollution, people started opting for greener environment methods of generating electricity. The use of solar power by households is rapidly increasing as solar technology is more efficient and less expensive to install, especially in UK that provides house owners incentives for that and at the same time electricity is becoming expensive day by day. Solar panels are installed on the roof of the house and power lights and other electrical appliances. It can be used to heat hot water system and even to power the cars. Solar power does not omit carbon as it is a green alternative.

Australia has resources to provide a considerable amount of energy formed by the wind. In the southern states wind speed is sufficient to create huge energy. At present there are fifty-two wind farms in Australia and two percent of energy demand is being met by power generated by wind turbines. Also importance for wind power is increasing as it helps in going green but it is bit expensive than solar power.

Water turbines are another source of generating power. It takes energy from moving water. Earlier, a century ago, they were used for industrial power but now used for electric power generation. Today hydro electricity is created almost in the same way. Most of the energy in United States is created in this manner. Hydro electricity is an eco friendly option and can be recyclable as the water can be sent back up through the turbine.

Geothermal is a suitable method for people living near volcanic activity. It is possible where you have some space to dig deep around six feet down where the Earth holds a steady heat of 50° and 60° all year. By laying pipes underground, heat transfers from one medium to another. It is possible to produce a constant air flow that keeps you warm during the winter and cool in the summer.

Since 2009, the United States has spent around $90 billion on green energy, funding for makers of solar panels, bio-fuels, wind turbines and electric cars. Some also received tax incentives and government investments for successfully promoting the foundation for a green energy economy for the future.