Make way for Rudolph with These Green Christmas Tips

As the whole world is ready to jingle all the way with the Christmas nip in the air, nature rings in the reminder bells, to bring the environment in the limelight. Finding a meaningful priority in this season of joy and bliss, the environment is all set to share our enjoyment in its’ green’ ways and listed here are a few of the green Christmas tips.

Green Christmas tips are simple to follow?

Christmas is joyous festival that fills every human being with the spirit of fun, merriment and happiness. But as a citizen of this world, it is every human being’s duty to focus on the environment and to enjoy this festivity without hampering the goodness of the environment surrounding each one of us. Thus we have to sprung up with some of the tips for a green Christmas that are simple and essential to be followed.

Green Christmas Tips

Tips for a green Christmas

ü  Spending economically and buying gifts as a gesture of love and not just for the sake of stocking our bags, facilitates green Christmas. For example, gifts could take the disguise of services that can be rendered to your loved ones, gaining more appreciation and satisfaction. Fun-filled experiences and outings can also prove to be ideal eco friendly Christmas gifts. If gifts need to take the physical form, then priceless antiques and valuables can be of a great solution, as they have zero impact on the environment, because they are re-used.

ü  Battery free gifts, edible gifts, recycled gifts, locally made gifts can also double the spirit of enjoyment. These gifts do not connect to the waste streams, neither do they smoke out toxic substances while being crafted and designed. These gifts can be cherished for a lifetime by joining hands with nature.

ü  The unique idea of decorating the Christmas tree with nature sounds very interesting. For instance, the use of pine cones, seed bells, suet and various other natural elements can be added attraction to the green Christmas tree, placing the tree apart from the common rest.

ü  Reducing the area to be glittered by lights, and using LED lights also play an important role in saving electricity, which in turns conserves the environment.

ü  The fragrance, beauty, elegance and the festive spirit that live and natural Christmas trees showcase, cannot be compared to the harmful and plastic Christmas trees. These live trees contribute positively to the environment, as they engulf fresh layers of oxygen for its growth, which does not lead to any forms of air pollution. They last for many years and they add a unique beauty to the festival.

ü  Christmas is season for connecting with the loved ones staying miles away, through postcards and greeting cards. Colorful, printed, exotic home-prepared cards prove to be a better choice than store prepared cards which harm the environment directly and indirectly. Homemade cards are also zero expensive and also connect hearts in a warmer way, which store cards lack.

Thus these Green Christmas tips indeed will help us come closer to the environment, by making our celebrations more beautiful, scenic, unique and most importantly ‘Green’.