The Effects of Global Warming on the Environment

You might have heard of the effects of global warming on the environment. This is as much bothering scientists as well as the environment itself. The results of global warming are natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and Earthquakes which create havoc on the planet killing and injuring many people and damaging many constructions. This is also resulting in great terror among almost all the communities in the world.

Agriculture is one of the major sectors that are deeply hampered by global warming. The bad impact on agriculture will also hamper the food supply causing great disaster. Global warming also affects the temperature to a great deal. Recently it is seen that because of global warming, temperatures in the summers are always on the rise, and there is a very scanty amount of rainfall even in the monsoon seasons. Winter season has also been dominated by the rise in the temperatures and it is believed that there will be a day when gradually the Earth’s temperature will be more than unbearable causing excess heat and resulting in the destruction of many species.

effects of global warming on the environment

Effects of Global warming on different areas and sectors

There are many countries that have already started feeling the effects of global warming on the environment. The Arctic and Northern latitudes of the Earth have started initial apprehensions. The ice in the Arctic has already started to melt due to the increase in temperatures. As the temperature gradually continues to be on the rise, this will result in faster evaporation of the Oceans and Seas and there will be more rainfall on Earth resulting in tremendous floods. This will affect the sub tropical countries like India, Japan and Pakistan as well.

The other alternative effects of global warming might be lower production of crops, reduced monsoons or winters, and extinction of species. The greenhouse gases are on the rise bringing in the apprehension that it will be harder to survive on the planet after a couple of decades. Many of the effects have already started today like melting of ice in the Northern poles, rising of the sea levels and lowering of the land levels, changes in the temperature of the planet and extreme natural disasters such as tsunamis, cyclones, and hurricanes like the recent Sandy hurricane and floods, tornadoes and heat waves.

However some scientists have concluded that along with bad effects there are some good effects of global warming on the environment as well. The warmer countries like Canada will face more rainfall due to which there will be more production of crops. This will also help to end the shortage of crops usually faced in these countries.

Global warming continues to be on the rise because of man himself. Man is cutting down all the trees and polluting the atmosphere which indirectly is resulting in this kind of consequence. The effects of global warming can be severe. We should all help to save the planet by planting more trees, saving electricity and fuel. So start taking care of your environment today and save the planet for a better tomorrow.