EcoPaper Announces the Launch of EcoPaper-Branded Tree-Free Copy Paper

EcoPaper – subsidiary of SGD Holdings Ltd and manufacturer of fine tree-free ecological paper products, has launched a new generation EcoPaper that is suitable for different purposes.

Eco Paper

It is 100% Sugar Cane Tree-Free and Pure White paper that can be used for Printing and Copy. It is produced to meet the highest standards of quality and is perfectly suitable for office printers, desktop printers and commercial printing tools.

SGD Holdings’ CEO Harry Johansing said that EcoPaper is far better to anything available at present. The company is also expecting significant sales revenue from this new product from wholesale and retail distribution.

EcoPaper is ecologically advanced to both virgin and recycled paper as it is 100% Sugar Cane paper but is impossible to differentiate. The Tree-Free paper is better than traditional paper for copiers as it is manufactured from sugar cane fiber instead wood fiber. It is totally ecological and recyclable as it is made through a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process.

The EcoPaper also has benefits on environment as it is 100% Sugar Cane tree-free Paper which means that the trees are left alive in forests that, as a result, supply sufficient oxygen for people. Wood is not used by cutting down the trees and gallons of water and crude oil are saved which in turn saves electricity.