Climate Change Threatens the Future of French Wine

WineThe visible and devastating effects of global warming and climate change no longer come as a surprise to many people all over the world. Now, the French are having their own take on how the change in climate may radically change our daily life.

The fluctuating weather conditions and the increasing temperatures indicate that soon wine lovers may have to pay more for their favorite Bordeaux wine — if at all they can find it.

Research reveals that the climate change is drastically affecting the balance of soil, weather and other such factors that are vital for the production of wine.

Southern Oregon University’s research climatologist Gregory Jones said referred that about 25 to 40 years ago Tasmania was considered inappropriate to grow grapes. But today the region is much more suitable wine-producing region in Australia.

The high temperature hampers the production of the good quality grapes as it lowers acidity and increases the sugar content of the grapes making for fruitier and higher alcohol content wines dubbed as the cloying wines.

Wine has always been an integral part of the French social culture and French wine makers who are facing tough and growing global competition are to face another barrier in the form of climate change that is further hindering the production of quality wine.