The Story Behind the Contribution of the Biggest Polluters in the World

With the exploding population and the ever expanding invention and use of the resources in an inefficient manner, the production of waste products increases. These waste products are either discharged into the water, air or soil, thereby giving rise to a hazardous term named “Pollution”. The concern of pollution can trace its origin back in the time when people started catching harmful diseases with the emission of such pollutants in the air. There are some toxic components as well that are discharged specifically from industries and can lead to fatal diseases. If the levels of pollution from the biggest polluters in the world are not cut down, the world is expected to suffer even worse than it does now.

How essential is the balance of nature in today’s world?

Balance is the basic requirement of nature and if this level of pollution continues, the world will no longer remain a safe place to stay. The government has taken strict control over these pollution activities and has set down various standards which need to be met in order to proceed with the proper functioning of the industries. The overall distribution of carbon dioxide emissions has been divided amongst the sectors as Production and energy-41%, Transport-26%, Manufacturing and construction-19%, Residential-8% and Commercial and other-6%.

The effect of pollution is becoming a major harm these days with the rise in premature deaths, cancer, developmental effects, hospitalization, asthma attack and bronchitis, etc. With the definition of standards of overall emission control, around 65% of the population has adopted the system while 35% is still in progress. Out of the defined 65%, 71% of the vehicle population has adopted the standards while the rest 29% is still in the process of adoption. The regulation of these standards has controlled the emissions to quite an extent and it is expected to stay efficient even in the future.

Revealing the truth behind the involvement of the biggest polluters in the world

There are a good number of polluters which relate their niche to the production of different sorts of pollutants. China turns out to be the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world today. While this is calculated as the whole, Australia produces the largest amount of carbon dioxide as seen on a per capita basis. United States of America ranks second in the same while contributing a total of 19.78 tonnes of carbon emission by one person.
Russia is third in installment with production of around 1704 million tonnes of waste. India ranks fourth in this race with the production of 1.16 tonnes per individual per year. Japan is also one of the biggest polluters in the world with an emission capacity of around 1247 million tonnes. Germany is the sixth in the series with an emission capacity of approx. 858 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. The others include Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea and Iran. The others, apart from these, show reduced participation in polluting the environment. However, efforts are being made to reduce the production of greenhouse gases considerably by 2020.