What Are The Benefits Of Biodiversity?

It is extremely important for us to have a basic idea about what are the benefits of Biodiversity. Biodiversity or in other words biological diversity is the variety of animals, plants and different microorganisms that survive, the genes that they consist of and the ecosystems that they live in. We live in the lowland tropics and it is only because of this reason that we possess abundant biodiversity. Biodiversity always decreases with an increase in altitudes. Listed here are some of the main benefits of biodiversity.

Commercial benefits

All living beings require food for survival. Although there are a very few species that are consumed by human beings, a large number of species have to depend on others for survival. Additionally, agricultural processes like crop rotations and intercropping require an array of certain species for increasing productivity. Biodiversity makes an effective contribution towards agriculture by bringing about an increase in productivity and in protecting yield. Furthermore, the environment provides both traditional as well as modern medicines to be used by human beings. The fats and organs of a minimum of thirty-two different animals are used for curing different types of illnesses. Biodiversity also provides wood for construction, fuels and paper.

What Are The Benefits Of Biodiversity

Economic benefits

Natural services and goods are quite valuable. Biodiversity helps in moderating elements, in reducing the bills on utility and also in preventing damage caused on a very wide scale. The conservation organization has come up with the fact that the location, size, species, shade and condition of tress can help in bringing about a reduction in the utility bills for commercial and residential air conditioning. Furthermore, droughts and floods can effectively be managed through forests and wetlands that carry out the function of both providing as well as absorbing water. Forests and wetlands can also be used for the purpose of water detoxification saving large amounts of money in the process of water purification.

Social benefits

The aesthetically pleasant aspect of biodiversity is considered to be its most important benefit. There are different varieties of plants that are used for the purpose of decorating homes. The environment also serves as an inspiration for impressionist artists. Even animals have long been domesticated both for play and work. Biodiversity is also important for different types of research. The examples of certain research that are completely dependent on biodiversity are Bioengineering organs, searching new medicines for curing cancer and bringing about an improvement in human nutrition.

The verdict

Biodiversity is important for different natural systems thriving and existing on this Earth. Each and everything is connected in the atmosphere and therefore even one break in this chain can have a direct impact on all processes. The processes can halt or start malfunctioning. So, if you are on the lookout of preserving the one that is important for you, you should start preserving all. What are the benefits of biodiversity are quite clear and now you should start working on this subject.