Various Green Jobs to Look For this Year

Keeping the environment around you clean and safe should be one of your top goals. This should be especially so if you are living in a developed country and have some sense of responsibility towards your fellow citizens. Green jobs are nothing but activities that you can involve yourself in so as to safeguard your environment and keep it from getting polluted. It is quite a noble job and can make you feel really good about yourself. If you want to know about the green jobs to look for this year, you need to keep the following names in mind.

Cleaning the trash in the alley

One of the green jobs to look for this year would be to clean the trash in your alley every weekend. This is not a very high paying job and can amount to a few dollars in a week. However, doing this job will help you to keep your locality clean and it will also add to your hours of social service, which in turn can end up in you receiving a tax exemption certificate. Hence this is a job that you certainly ought to keep in mind.

Assisting tree surgeons in their work

Another one of the green jobs to look for this year would be to assist tree surgeons in the work that they do. Tree surgery basically entails repairing the roots and the shoots of trees which are more than a hundred years old. The task is quite a complicated and interesting one and to be an assistant while such a procedure is being carried out can be a fun thing. The job is also quite a high paying one. You can end up earning as much as a hundred dollars in a week if not more.

Various Green Jobs

Visiting gas stations to encourage purchase of green fuel

If you are wondering about green jobs to look for this year then you should visit your nearby gas station and implore customers to opt for the purchase of green fuel. This is a new kind of environment friendly fuel in the market which has already started selling like hot cakes. This is a job which is rather tedious and can result in long hours of work. Once you do it however, you will be filled with a sense of fulfillment. The pay associated with the work is also quite good and makes it worth your time.

There are many green jobs to look for this year, most of which are high paying ones. Performing a green job can add to your CV. It can also fill you with a sense of purpose and make you feel like a useful citizen on the face of this Earth.