Top Green Summer Camps for Kids for Greener Living

The top green summer camps for kids have been classified based on their green architecture, use of solar power, organic gardens and sustainable farms. These not only provide kids with an option for an adventurous outing but also prove to be a great learning experience.

1. Plantation Farm Camp, California

Located in the northern part of Sonoma County Coast, this camp has earned the certification of green overnight camp. Kids attending this summer camp learn the ways of living on sustainable farm, milk cows, care for animals, giving waste to pigs, composting and tending the garden. The camp emphasizes a lot on environmental responsible ways of living by spending loads of time outside during summer and using minimal resources.

Plantation Farm Camp, California

2. Gwynn Valley, North Carolina

This overnight camp measures 320 acres and is open for kindergarteners to eighth grade kids. The camp puts in a lot of effort to be as green as possible and makes children aware of how to care for the environment. Apart from composting, recycling, installing shower heads with low-flow and using CFL’s, nearly seventy percent of the home-grown food is served from its own farm. The camp uses the dead or fallen trees available on the property to provide hot water to the people in the camp.

Gwynn Valley, North Carolina

3. Audubon Summer Day Camps

This summer camp for kids hosts day camps throughout different states of the United States along with overnight camps in Wisconsin, Washington and Minnesota. Environmental educators lead the programs which helps the kids to discover nature and learn more about conservation. The kids are offered the opportunity to explore animals and plants within the site’s area.

Audubon Summer Day Camps

4. IslandWood, Washington

Located quite close to Puget Sound, the primary aim of this summer camp is to inspire the kids about environmental protection and care using their 255-acre outdoor site. The lodges of the summer camp are built with cork flooring and recycled wood. Solar panels are used for supplying hot water. The camp is open for four-year-olds to twelfth graders offering excursions, overnight camps and day camps. Family weekend getaway is also offered by the camp to get everybody involved in the activities.

IslandWood, Washington

5. Circle Pines Centre, Michigan

The Circle Pines Centre green summer camp for kids is located on 294 acres of woodlands and meadows which includes a spring-fed lake. It has been spreading the message of environmentalism, cooperation and social justice since 1938. The camp is open for children’s from age group of eight to seventeen years. The primary focus of the camp lies on lifestyle impact on environment and community living. An organic garden is present within the site offering some of the foods for the camp.

Circle Pines Centre, Michigan

The next decade is definitely going to be powered by the idea of going green. These green summer camps can be instrumental towards educating kids about how to care for environment and protect it from destruction.