The Top 10 Green Living Apps for a Sustainable Living

The Smartphone boom has proved to be a blessing in disguise with the top 10 green living apps offering people with the opportunity to make beneficial changes in their lifestyle. Described here are some of the best green apps that you can try.

1. Piqqo Projects

This free app offers information on carbon reduction projects taking place throughout the world. The information showcased ranges from projects taking place in Hungary to Mexican indigenous groups protecting their land.

Piqqo Projects

2. Go Green

This green living app is perfect for those who require baby steps to create more consciousness about the environment. Every time it is opened, it comes up with useful green tips which can help to save the environment from adverse effects.

Go Green

3. 3rd Whale Mobile

This iPhone app is location-based and happens to be the best choice for people committed towards living a sustainable life. The app connects the users to different green businesses taking place in the area. Users can choose from different categories like retail, food, and services.

3rd Whale Mobile

4. iLocavore

This is another stunning app meant for those who love to eat food produced and grow it locally. The information is obtained from database for finding independent retailers featuring domestic and local goods, area producers, as well as local foods available in different restaurants.


5. Get Green

iPhone users can get season-based regular tips on their phones from this unique green living app. The information ranges from greening a wedding to throwing green Halloween party to having green workplaces.

Get green

6. GoodGuide

Recommendations for safe green products are offered by the app while shopping at a store. Users of the app can get more than seventy thousand product ratings related to personal care, food, toys, and household cleaners.


7. iNewz Green

For environment awareness, eco-friendly news this is a great app. Users are provided the opportunity to select the preferred news category and list of articles are displayed by the app. It is also possible for users to email the articles they like to other people.

iNewz Green

8. Green Meter

This app helps in keeping track of power and fuel usage characteristics of a car along with tips on saving the environment and wallet. The internal accelerometer of the device is used by the app for measuring forward acceleration, fuel economy, compute engine power, carbon footprint, fuel cost, and oil consumption.

Green Meter

9. Carbon Tracker

Carbon Tracker is a GPS enabled application which helps in calculating carbon footprint from business trips, daily commuting, or vacations. The app is certainly ideal for people who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.

Carbon Tracker

10. A Real Tree

The app is basically from an organization which plants trees in twelve different countries. A Real Tree works with various organizations educating local communities about planting trees in ecologically-beneficial manner.

A Real Tree

The basic aim of creating these top green living apps is to increase awareness among its users regarding ecological living. It not only facilitates ideas but makes it much easier for people to access the latest developments and methods to ensure they contribute towards a greener environment.