The 5 Ways to Save Money by Going Green in Summer

Even though most people think that going green is an expensive proposition, these ways to save money by going green in summer not only help a person to lead an eco-friendly life but also make it possible to save lots of money.

1. Water

Those with lawn irrigation system should make it a point to water the plants and grasses early in the morning. The reason is grass tends to absorb less water when it is not stressed out from the heat of the day and makes them stronger. Another idea is to use rain or drip water collection systems for watering the plants. Inside the house, water can be conserved through short showers and by installing low flow shower heads. The best part about these shower heads is that, they can be removed and fixed somewhere else also.

2. Electricity

Swamp coolers, fans and air conditioning consume huge quantities of energy especially during the summer months. A good way to save money by going green in summer is to make use of darkening window treatments within the rooms which absorb the heat and keeps the house cooler. Those with shutters or blinds inside their house should close them so that they face the ceiling. The air conditioning should be set at warmest comfortable temperature to reduce utility costs.

Ways to Save Money by Going Green

3. Seal out Air

The attic within the house needs to have ample insulation. With the help of ample insulation, it is possible to save twenty to twenty five percent of the energy bill and keep the home cool during summers and warm during winters. Doors and windows should be checked for air leaks and weather stripping can be used for keeping the temperature inside the house cool.

4. Energy Audit

Energy audits for the home are offered by local electricity provider. When it comes to saving money by going green in summer, one can easily schedule an appointment so as to get useful tips on how to save energy consumption within the house. Energy audits are generally free and help to learn more about the home and saving money.

5. Air Dry Laundry

Majority of people are not aware of the fact that clothes dryers tend to consume huge amounts of energy contributing towards a large utility bill. Therefore, instead of using the dryer, it is always advisable to hang the clothes on a line and let them dry naturally. If there is a wooden stove within the house then the clothes can be put up on a line near to it so that they get dried up quickly. It is only in case of emergencies that the drier can be used and avoided as much as possible to save on energy.

These ways to save money by going green in summer not only makes it easier to save lots on the utility bill but allows people to live a greener life by incorporating a few changes in their lifestyle.