5 Simple Ways to go Solar

Be independent of electricity with the help of solar power. If you are looking for ways to go green and save some bucks in the process, solar power is the best option for you. What more you can also sell back the excess electricity you produce to your power company. solar power is also the reliable option when there is a blackout. With so many benefits of solar power, its time you consider harnessing it for your energy needs.

The Sun is the single greatest source of energy in our solar system. Choosing to ignore its benefits and harness its energy in this age of great ecological crisis would be a crime against Nature. Although it might require some remodeling of the home to utilize solar energy and install solar panels, the long term benefits definitely outweigh the initial investments. Also, using solar power does not necessarily have to be so complicated. Let’s take a look at 5 simple life hacks to utilize solar power on a day-to-day basis.

1. Let There Be Light


Whether it’s your porch, garden or pathway, solar powered outdoor lights are a great way to spruce up your outdoor lighting options. These lights are stand alone units with small solar panels on top which means you can save costs on wiring as well as electricity. The solar panels store energy in batteries which kick in to power the lights at night. Outdoor solar lights come in a range of designs from LED lights, solar lanterns to powerful floodlights.

2. Indoor Lighting


Switching from regular incandescent bulbs to solar powered indoor lights can save up to 20% of your utility bills. If it is too much of a hassle to rewire your indoor lights to solar panels, you could always use desk and floor lamps which are self sufficient units with solar cells that don’t require any remodeling of the house. Going solar can also be as simple as opening up the curtains during the day and using natural sunlight instead of draining electricity.

3. Say Goodbye to Batteries


There are a host of solar alternatives to everyday electrical appliances that would otherwise be battery powered. Look for alternatives like solar powered remote controls and chargers. With solar chargers, you could charge music players, laptops and phones with the power of the Sun. They are an inexpensive alternative and reduce the dependency on batteries, which are harmful to the environment. If you can’t completely get rid of batteries, you could use solar powered battery chargers to charge reusable AA or AAA batteries.

4. Sun Baked Snacks


One of the first and simplest innovations in solar technology was solar ovens. These are compact box like structures with reflective material inside that can cook food at temperatures of up to 350 degrees. You can boil vegetables, pulses, cereal and rice and cook basic foods in solar ovens. Although solar ovens might not completely replace the use of gas powered stoves, it definitely reduces the consumption of gas and electricity while making cooking a fun and interesting process.

5. Solar Water Heaters


The most significant cost savings on your utility bills can be achieved with solar water heaters. These are inexpensive to set up and are effective throughout the year unless it is extremely cloudy. The set up consists of solar panels connected to an insulated reservoir of water with inlet and outlet connections. If you live in sunlight poor areas, you could use a basic set up as an alternative heating system to conventional water heaters.

With increasing environmental consciousness, going solar is rapidly gaining popularity. Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy and with this increasing popularity, it is now simpler than ever to revert to humanity’s humble beginnings and go solar.