Practicing Self Sustaining Living

Self sustaining living is something that is growing in momentum and it is a matter of perspective. However, as a concept, it refers to the way of living in which one depends on sustainable sources to meet the daily needs.

1. Water

Self sustaining living would depend on sources of water which include springs, wells, as well as other sources such as creeks and streams. Water obtained from these natural sources is consumed when it has been filtered. However, there are certain legal systems that pertain to the use of natural water resources in an area. Therefore, before considering a process it is important to know the regulations. Moreover, this is a very good way to meet the needs of water for consumption as well as for domestic use.

As it is that sustainable living would also require involvement in agricultural works, it would require more water than that needed in domestic use. Thus an adequate supply of water needed has to be ensured. Living in a rural area would most certainly facilitate a better sustainable living.

Self sustaining living

2. Power

There are a number of systems available that can be used for developing alternative energy so that you do not have to depend on the power grid. Many depend on battery bank and generator for power, but these are not sustainable as they depend on the non-renewable fossil fuels. A better as well as low maintenance alternative is offered by the development of the solar power technology. Though the initial costs of installation are quite high, the solar powered devices save both energy and money in the long run. There are other alternatives for the production of electricity which can be considered for a self-sustainable living including micro hydro systems and wind.

3. Country living

It is quite an obvious fact that considering a sustainable lifestyle is near to impossible for a person or a family residing in a metropolitan or a city area. Countryside places offer the most suitable location for sustainable living. The entire concept of self sustaining living is nowhere better supported than in countryside.

4. Food

An increase in the sale of garden seeds suggest that there has been a good increase in the number of people resorting to using fruits and vegetables planted in their gardens. This forms a very crucial part of a self-sustainable lifestyle. Gardening can be started in the pots even when a person owns a really small patio. Gardening can also be done in the months of winter. There is another aspect of producing one’s own food and this pertains to learning of the method of preservation and storage of food.

To make sure that our planet restores its greenery and ensure that our future generations have the pleasure of living in a greener environment, self sustaining living can be one of the best initiatives.