Ideas for a Green Summer Vacation

With the advent of summer the wait for holidays and vacation begins. However, with a little concern people can have a green summer vacation. Some of the practices that are suggested below can really lead one to a cool summer vacation.

Avoiding chemicals

Summer holidays mean camping for many. Sunscreen, bug spray and similar chemical-oriented ingredients should be avoided. Rather, natural and eco-friendly alternatives should be used. Repellents can also be made at home with the help of Internet.

Avoiding mess

People do visit various places of public interest during summer holidays. One should be careful to not litter the place if he cannot clean it. In fact, the better service to nature would be to include other bits around the place when you are moving your own trash. After all, leaving the place in a better state than it was at arrival is nobler than otherwise.

Eco-friendly habits

Adherence to environment-friendly habits such as recycling, reusing, etc. is very inspiring and educative for others. Besides, it ensures that one respects the nature irrespective of time and place. More importantly, few of the hundreds of people who come across during vacation trip are going to acquire some or all of the habits that they have observed. There would not be a nobler service to nature or to mankind.

Eco-friendly habits

Green hotels

When one has to stay somewhere while having a green summer vacation, priority should be given to hotels, motels and inns that adhere to eco-friendly policies. Setting the room thermostat of the hotel to 24°C or above and refusal to daily change of upholstery are even nobler thoughts. No one changes upholsteries at home daily, so, there is no point to waste water due to such paid privileges.

Green hotels

Green travel options

Transportation is one of the major causes of Greenhouse gas emission. People who venture out to faraway places during summer holidays should be careful about their choice of transportation. Modes of mass transit such as buses, trains, etc. are considerably less harmful to environment and are much safe. In fact, trains emit 75% lesser greenhouse gas emissions than aeroplanes.

Supporting community

People should use local products and service such as restaurant, shops, hotels, etc. to help the local community. Strong community ensures protection of the specific environment too. Besides, local products and services are bound to leave lesser carbon footprints than lavish malls, hotels, etc.

Unplug appliances

Most people leave electronic appliances plugged while they leave to enjoy vacation. However, plugged devices do consume electricity even if they are powered off. So, to save both energy and money, it is preferable to unplug all appliances that can be unplugged. Rest should be set to lowest permissible settings.

By going on a green summer vacation, people can not only enjoy their holidays but protect their environment too.