Some Ideas for a Green Christmas

Who does not love Christmas? Christmas is a celebration of joy and love and it becomes a lot more joyful with some ideas for a green Christmas. However don’t you think you can add a little more joy to this season? Keeping this in mind, let’s make our Christmas more greener. Thinking about green Christmas ideas, we need to keep in mind that an eco-friendly Christmas will also help our planet.

Explore some of the ideas for a green Christmas

What is required to celebrate Christmas in a greener way? The first thing that comes into mind for anyone is the Christmas tree. People usually have a tendency of buying a Christmas tree for decoration. However wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of buying a Christmas tree, one grows it in his own back yard? This would help in keeping the tinge of the green in the festive spirit as well as help in protecting the environment. There are many things which are available in the stores for decorating the Christmas tree. How about decorating the tree this time with handmade goodies and other Eco friendly stuff?

ideas for a green Christmas

Some home-made lollipops and candies can be dangled along on the tree and along with that some other small products made at home can also be hung in the tree like small handicraft items and bells which you probably saved from the last season. Reusing such items saves you energy as well as some money in the process. You can also try using small solar lights which do not require electricity to be run can be used to hang on the tree.

The gifts that you plan to give can be wrapped with paper made at home and a good idea of making a wrapping paper is by searching for some old newspapers or calendars and reusing them by drawing something on. Some great gift ideas for a green Christmas include handmade gift items made of wood, glass or bamboo. Many shops nowadays sell items like organic towels, wallets, bags and purses made of materials which are Eco friendly. You can also make your own gift tote bag at home if you like stitching. There are a number of gifts that are available if you search the Internet. Avoid using plastic toys for kids and give them books or handmade items.

A very unique gift that can be given to one is a pet instead of something that will find its place in the shelves. Pets are very good gifts that will fill anyone’s heart with joy. A small puppy or a kitten will help to lighten up the festive mood of your house. Ideas for a green Christmas are now in vogue among many people because people have now become conscious about their surroundings. So this year celebrates a greener Christmas with Eco friendly gifts and save the environment with your effort.