How to Green Your Laundry Routine

A pedestrian chore like washing clothes can impact Mother Earth in a big way than you think. If you want to do your every bit to save the environment, you will be surprised and happy to learn all the tips that the laundry domain commands to make our planet greener. Besides, the chemicals also pollute soil and groundwater when they enter the sewage endangering marine life as well. Read on to know the top tips that will green your laundry routine.


Natural Laundry Detergent

Check for natural laundry detergents that give the same effect sans the ingredients that harm us and the environ Invest some time in making your own laundry detergent. All you need is a handful of components that are easily found in grocery stores. The best thing is that you know what exactly is going on with your formula. Plus, you get to tailor your mix with the right oils to offer fresh fragrance.

Ditch Dry Cleaning

Perchloroethylene (PERC) used in dry cleaning is toxic for humans and the environs. Contact with PERC can affect the kidney, liver, central nervous system, reproductive system and also upset the mood and behavioral aspects. PERC is shown to contaminate soil and ground water around the business sites where it is used. People who regularly use dry-cleaned clothes see a decrease in their indoor air quality. Better buy clothes that don’t need dry-cleaning and can be hand washed.

Reduce Ironing

We all agree that ironing is tedious. Another excuse to NOT do it is humongous energy consumption and its potential to weaken the fabric. Worried about looking rumpled? Hang the clothes up the instant the wash cycle is complete. The remnant water in them acts as a gravity puller and even out the wrinkles. For clothes that are wrinkle-prone, skip the final spin. This leaves more water in the dresses, giving them more pull. Folding the dry clothes the way you want creases will take care of this point.

Dry Right

Imagine 88million+ dryers of the country, each releasing a ton+ CO2 a year! Yes, dryers use so much fuel. Why not skip it altogether in favor of our natural sun? Apart from energy consumption, you see your white clothes shine more and sun-dried clothes emit an enchanting fragrance. In cold months, use indoor drying racks. If your climate is not very conducive for drying clothes outside, then dry multiple loads one after another. The dryer being already warmed will take less energy for each load.

Choose Greener Machines

Many among us have grown up, just disposing of things or equipment that seem slightly dysfunctional. Don’t toss your wash machines for a small problem as it is sure to add to landfill waste. But if you really have to replace one, then opt for an eco-friendly version.  Check on the low water factor- that will determine the quantity of gallons used in each wash cycle. The less is the water factor; the better is the machine on an eco-friendly basis. Again, a front-loading machine uses half the water as top-loading machines.

Apart from these tips, question your actions. If you don’t need to wash your clothes after each wear, stop tossing them in the dirt pile so often.  Even the big jeans brand follows this mantra. Their labels prove it. By joining this bandwagon you are doing service, not just to the environment but to yourself as well.