How to Celebrate Christmas the Organic Way

Festivals are part of human life and are meant to bring cheer into people’s life rather than remorse. Christmas is a major festival is several countries in the World but organic Christmas celebration is the subject of few. However, there certain subtle changes that can be brought to the traditional way of celebration to make it organic.


Organic Food

Christmas means variety of delicious food items that are not often cooked and enjoyed rest of the year. Thus, organic food is the solution to celebrate Christmas in the organic way. Food items should be bought from organic farms, markets, and stores wherever they are conveniently accessible. The production process of organic food benefits the environment, unlike modern techniques. Ingredients grown in organic farms are totally beneficial for health because they are grown without any harmful chemical at all.

Organic food does not only mean organic Christmas but organically healthy life too. From chocolates, cakes, ice-creams to dishes for full meals, use of organic ingredients will ensure that all the traditional dishes come on the plate minus the health hazards.

Organic fashion

Dress is among the first things that come to mind when people think of Christmas. Globally, 25% of insecticides and 10% of pesticides are used for growing cotton fibres alone. On the other hand, organic cotton is grown with permissible usage of chemicals, if at all required. Moreover, organic textile industry is flourishing in many countries and only need appreciation in form of consumerism. Outfits made of organic materials have no apparent difference and look as stylish as environmentally hazardous ones. Therefore, Christmas can be celebrated the organic way by people choosing eco-friendly dresses. There is no need for cutting down fashion but for sensibility in fashion.

Organic grocery

There may be multitude of malls and mega stores in many countries throughout the World. All of them experience great rush in the festive season. However, their supply chain ultimately reaches farmers’ market, where the originally cultivated items are sold. Visiting a farmer’s market nearby is an interesting and organic way to celebrate Christmas. Firstly, long queues and rush in malls can be thus avoided. Secondly, it will be a great new experience for those who have not been to farmers’ market. Children can especially be taken along to experience the roots of the supply chain that brings food to their mouth. Most importantly, purchasing directly from farmers costs relatively less while farmers gain better due to fewer levels between producers and consumers.

Organic resolutions

Organic Christmas should not be a one-off celebration. Rather, everyone should resolve to use organic food and organic clothes for every festival. Moreover, there could be one or more organisations that support and promote organic lifestyle in every country. Such organisations can be patronised through membership and donations. In this way, one organic Christmas celebration can pave the way to complete organic lifestyle and community and so on.