How to Build a Greener City for a Sustainable and Better Living

Knowing how to build a greener city will help in tackling the issues related to energy demand of the world in the near future. Population of urban areas is rising at a rapid rate and measures need to be taken immediately.

Chicago is a bustling urban metropolis, but also a city dedicated to its natural beauty. Take in the view from one of the skyscrapers and you’ll see that Chicago is a surprisingly green city. Clusters of canopies formed by over 3 million old and fresh trees act as portals to the many green spaces where we play, meet and appreciate nature.  Despite its numerous parks, breathtaking edifices that showcase beautiful architecture, function spots, and many other structures, the city of Chicago also offers so many tour attractions for visitors and locals. Chicago still upholds high quality of waste management, efficient energy saving programs, and sustainability programs. These are all directed towards their goal in becoming a sustainable and green country in the years to come.

Plentiful parks

Parks can be considered as a city’s lungs which offer the residents with a place to relax, take fresh breath of air, and connect with nature. Even small green spaces within the city can lead towards improvement in mental and physical health.

Green City

Efficient public transportation

Commuters in different cities like Switzerland, Dubai, and Beijing have the convenience of traveling in shiny metro systems. Cities like Los Angeles, Istanbul, and Mexico City have cleared way for buses providing them separate lanes. In order to build a greener city, the transit solutions should be improved so that people can move around the city quickly without the need of a car.

Quality public space

Green cities are those places where amidst busy roadways and skyscrapers, people are provided with places where they can happily gather and easily walk around. The main idea is to encourage people to get around on foot through the creation of communal space and reduce the use of vehicles consuming energy.

Bike lanes

Although, it is always convenient to get around a city by bike, heavy city traffic makes it dangerous and unpleasant without designated lanes. Bike friendly cities of the world have separate bike paths, offer parking and even allowing cyclist to carry their bikes while travelling on buses to lengthy trips.

Composting and recycling programs

Another way of building a greener city is to make sure that recycling is taken care of in an environment-friendly manner. Different cities around the world have already started taking initiatives where apart from bottles and cans, recycling of food waste and electronics have also started taking place.

Smart energy policies

Mandating efficiency measures and purchasing renewable energy are some of the ways through which a city can make use of its economic resources towards building a greener product market. Cities like Arizona, Phoenix have started focusing more on renewable energy sources and are constructing buildings at par with LEED standards.

Green leadership

Although, it is not expected that every city official will follow the footsteps of Boris Johnson, London Mayor who prevented an assault while cycling but they are the ones who can promote a greener living by making the city greener. Solar installation needs to be made mandatory along with promotion of biodiesel and wind power. Citizens should also take up the initiative of making the city greener which can encourage other to right direction.

In case you are still wondering as how to build a greener city then it is recommended that you adopt products and services which are eco-friendly.