Global Warming Solutions for the Problem

The advent of industrial revolution has had a deep impact on the climatic conditions of the planet and has left human beings in search of global warming solutions. The earth’s temperature is believed to have deteriorated ever since the Industrial Revolution and the Earth has gone hotter by 0.5 percent every decade. The amount might seem insignificant especially since it happens over a 10 year period but the effects can be devastating over a long time. According to reports from the United States Environmental Agency the eight hottest years have occurred since 1998 which is surely a worrying factor.

Global Warming Solutions for the ProblemWhy is there a need for Global warming solutions?

The need for global warming solutions arises from the long lasting effects it can have on human beings. Climate change is also responsible for the increased occurrences of natural disasters like hurricanes and droughts. The gravity of the situation can be comprehended by doing a basic calculation of the harm caused by any such disaster. Monetary and property losses apart, the devastation in terms of human life when such disasters take place is scary.

Melting ice caps due to global warming has also emerged as one of the main concerns for cities based in the coastal regions. According to some reports ocean shores ranging from one to four feet is eroded every year. This has compelled mankind to give serious thought to global warming solutions.

Global warming solutions – The source of the problem

Emission of greenhouse gases like sulfur dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, nitrogen oxide and Carbon monoxide are primarily responsible for global warming. Reducing the emission amount of these gases is the first step towards a stable global solution. Coal plants are major contributors of Carbon Dioxide and a 100 Megawatt plant supposedly emits around .8 million tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Another source of Carbon Dioxide emission is deforestation. Deforestation is responsible for release of around 2 billion metric tons of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere which constitute of about 22 % of total emissions. At this moment alternative sources of energy and ceasing the destruction of rain forests for building housing complexes are regarded as the best solutions for global warming.

Solution at an individual level

Though the problem seems too big for a solution at an individual level but a lot of emissions can also be reduced if individuals become more conscious. Simply by reducing the individual footprint of Carbon the total emission amount can be brought down by a great deal. The main sources of Carbon at an individual level are pollution from cars and energy. So, simply by adhering to best energy saving practices like car pooling and using energy saving light bulbs you can contribute to reducing the global problem. Adequate insulation and protection against air leaks are also a good way to prevent emission of harmful gases.

Global warming solutions at global scale

Though the problem can be alleviated at an individual level the best global warming solutions must be implemented on a global scale. Planting of trees and utilizing less harmful sources of energy on a global level can go a long way to solving the issue.