Get Green Living – Without the Hassle

Green living in your home can feel like such a bother sometimes, can’t it? Bleurgh, you think as you go through the hassle of separating bottles, turning off your heating and optimising your light bulbs – more than anything else, it feels like you’re spitting in the wind.

But there are alterations you can make to your home to really put it in the green zone.

So, have a look at this list to find out how you can make your property eco-friendly – without all the bother.

Go all-out on glass

A conservatory isn’t just a middle class dream – it’s also the perfect way to conserve heat.

Conservatories, when installed by professionals, act as an extra layer of insulation against the outside world. Essentially, it’ll keep the cold at arm’s length, allowing you to save energy on pricey heating bills.

Not only this, but that snazzy conservatory will also act as the perfect place to lounge during those summer months, and with double glazing it’ll retain far more heat than your average window.

Green Living

Pop on some panels

Solar panels are one of the most important assets for the homeowner with energy efficiency on their mind.

Taking rays from the sun, these panels will turn up to 22 per cent of the light into usable energy. While this might not sound like a great deal, it will slice a fair bit off your current bills using fossil fuels.

We rely too readily on finite resources to power our homes, so make the most of any alternative you can to lower your carbon footprint. You could even consider replacing the appliances – fridges, freezers, washing machines, etcetera – in your home with more energy efficient alternatives.

Make recycling a cinch

Recycling is an utter pain – first you’ve got the hassle of separating out all your different materials, then there’s the rigmarole of taking them to a recycling station.

When you just want to relax, the temptation to avoid recycling is almost too strong to bear.

So, put some safe-holds in place to ensure you recycle all the time. Purchase a series of recycling bins that will let you separate rubbish into the appropriate categories. Also, consider buying a compost bin to get really eco-friendly.

As for taking your goods to a recycling point, set aside a small amount of time in the week to get this task out of the way, or arrange a pickup from your local council. With a routine in place, recycling will hardly seem like a chore at all.