Eco-Friendly RVs – 6 Tips for Greener Living on the Road

Compared to living in a conventional home, RV living is already pretty eco-friendly, even when gas mileage is factored in. To make your RV lifestyle even greener, why not follow these simple planet friendly tips?


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Invest In a Water Filter

The water at campgrounds is fine for washing but often it doesn’t taste that great, and drinking water quality can be a concern. Instead of relying on bottled water, invest in a water filtration system for your RV.

The best filters are the gravity systems with long-lasting, ceramic filters. These filters don’t use any power and can even turn river water into potable water, which is handy when you’re boondocking away from established campsites and their water hook-ups.

Ditching bottled water saves you valuable space in your RV, and you’ll have less trash to dispose of too.

Change to LED Light Bulbs

If the RV has halogen or incandescent bulbs, cut down on your power use by switching to low energy LED bulbs. Halogen and incandescent bulbs use significantly more power than LED’s and they give off heat, adding to the load your air conditioning unit has to remove during the summer months.

LED bulbs consume around three watts of power compared to the 70 watts of an incandescent and are cool to the touch. To avoid the harsh white light that can be a problem with low energy bulbs, choose the ‘warm light’ versions which have a more pleasing tone.

Green Up Your Holding Tanks

The black and gray water holding tanks in your RV can be sources of unpleasant odors if you don’t use an odor control product.  Use a biodegradable liquid deodorizer in your tanks to keep your RV fresh without burdening the environment with hazardous chemicals.

Use Low Flow Faucets and Shower Heads

This simple, inexpensive change takes just a few minutes to implement. Low flow aerators restrict water flow to 1.2 – 1.5 gallons per minute, mixing air with water to give you the feel of a strong flow, even though you’re using a lot less water.

With this change, your water supply will last longer, your gray-water holding tank will need emptying less often, and you’ll save on water heating costs.

Ditch Disposables

Many RV’ers prefer disposable plates, cups, and silverware because they eliminate much of the dishwashing, which isn’t a whole lot of fun in a cramped RV kitchen. But these throw away products place a huge burden on the planet. Your RV lifestyle will be much greener if you stock your camper with reusable items.

Watch Where You Park

Cut your power use by choosing the right parking spot. In hot weather, park under shade trees to keep your RV cool, and in cold weather, choose spots with maximum sun exposure and protection from the wind.

By greening up your RV lifestyle, you’ll lower your impact on the planet and help to make sure that future generations can continue to enjoy the great outdoors that you love so much.

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