Eco Friendly Home Decor Accessories

If renovation plans are on the cards, it is a good time to consider eco friendly and sustainable options to decorate your home. Interior designers are coming up with innovative ideas to beautify living spaces with accessories that are earth-safe and sensitive about reducing carbon footprints. From scrap metal and recycled furniture to useless junk lying around the house, you can use them all to give your home a striking makeover. Here are a few ideas of eco friendly home decor accessories to give you a heads up on revamping your home with a difference.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture


Every year, bulks of wooden furniture are disposed to make way for newer and high end alternatives, the piles of which are transformed into cartons and crates or simply burnt away as fuel. Instead of tossing away an old table or cabinet, next time, use the wood to make shelves, stools or even a new table. Those daring to be more creative, you can nail an interestingly shaped branch of a tree to the wall to serve as a curtain holder, shelf or a hat stand. Furthermore, stumps of trees and pieces of logs shaped and cut appropriately can make for excellent tables and bed stands.

Cut Glass


Did you ever consider using your old wine bottles as accessories to decorate your home?  Take your collection of jars and bottles to a glass cutter and have them transformed into beautiful vases and bowls for your home. These are also available in the market in a variety of stunning colors, shapes and sizes.  Use them as show pieces, pen stands, glasses, vases or whichever way you fancy.

Wooden Crates and Boxes


More often than not, crates and cartons are discarded as junk without a second thought. This time, save them from the junkyard and use them as pots for your plants. A planned out structural arrangement will give you your very own landscaped garden. Decorate and paint the crates to go with the rest of the home decor, and watch these ordinary boxes transform into centerpieces of attraction.

Recyclable Wallpapers


Painting walls is not only a cumbersome and costly process, but also detrimental for the environment as paints contain a variety of toxic chemicals. An easy and sustainable alternative is wallpapers. Opt for eco friendly varieties that are manufactured from managed and protected forests, ideally with water soluble ink designs.

Scrap Metal


It is amazing to know the number of useful as well as decorative items that can be made from scrap metal. From napkin holders, wall pegs, coasters, frames, to about anything that your creative mind can think of, scrap metal can be reused to materialize the wildest of your ideas.

Paper Lamp Shades


Usually made of plastic, the average lampshade not only contributes to the mounting debris of toxic material that cannot be recycled, but it also obstructs the full intensity of the light from reaching out. Paper lampshades and screens come in a surprisingly wide variety of simple and intricate designs that not only add to the attraction of your home but also maximizes the light being emitted.

Green home decor is the latest trend that more and more people are experimenting with. This list is only a preview to the limitless possibilities of using old and used material and sustainable matter to decorate your home in an earth friendly and attractive way.