Both the Green and Grey Infrastructure a Need for Global Cities

Recently the Canadian Federal Government made a strong commitment for funding the infrastructure all over Canada. They announced that $14Bn would be spent from the Building Canada Fund in the coming 10 years.

This would be aimed at getting more from the investments in the national infrastructure which requires inclusion of support for green living infrastructures. Also stressing on the fact that traditional grey infrastructure has a high contribution towards green living infrastructure.

Green and Grey Infrastructure a Need for Global Cities

Continuing further from this statement the Prime Minister Stephan Harper as well as Denis Lebel who is the Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental affairs, mentioned that there was a need for the federal government needs to acknowledge the natural systems which deserve the special focus on the valuable components.

He also mentioned that there is a requirement for investment in the grey infrastructure such as roads as well as transits. However, the present figures suggest Canada is far behind countries such as the United States in terms of living green infrastructure. However, the Federal Government now believes that this initiative would make it highly beneficial in the coming 10 years. Living green infrastructure is certainly a different technique to think about the infrastructure which is going to rule the future.