10 Must-Have Accessories for a Greenhouse

From benches to nursery shelves and from display racks to carts and meters a greenhouse will need a lot of accessories for better management and to extend the growing season. Whether you are a commercial grower or just a hobby gardener, these greenhouse accessories will definitely come in handy in every season for better yields. Here is a list of ten such must-have accessories for your greenhouse.


1. Greenhouse Thermometers

A Greenhouse thermometer provides useful insights to ensure healthy living and growth conditions for the plants. It assists in monitoring and maintaining optimal level of temperature, humidity and climate inside the greenhouse. A wide array of thermometers is conveniently available on various websites.

2. Benches, Shelves and Display Racks

Benches, shelves and display racks are essentials. They help in proper and felicitous arrangement of plants so that there is minimum wastage of the space at one’s disposal. Putting up display racks and shelves not only helps in space management but also augments the beauty of your greenhouse.

3. Nursery Carts and Wagons

Regular transfer of equipment and essentials like manure, fertilizers and water becomes a lot easier when you have a nursery cart or a wagon by your side. These reduce the effort and amount of time that needs to be put in and will save you from unnecessary physical exertion.

4. Plant Supporters

Climbers such as Billardiera, Jasminum and Pandorea need proper support for ample growth. Graceful stands and supporting rods help them stand magnificently. For the weak stems, supporters provide the remedy by ensuring generous strength and guided growth so that they don’t disrupt the space of other plants.

5. Soil Testing Kits

These kits take the game one step ahead by illuminating the gardener with information regarding the quality, texture, composition and most importantly, the pH value of soil at distinct points in time. Different plants need different soil conditions and such testers help to identify as well as rectify issues in time.

6. Rainwater Catch Drains

The secret of gardening lies in the act of judicious utilization of natural resources. By installing rainwater catch drains, one can save on money by utilizing the rainwater to water the plants. These catch drains collect the rainwater which can then be utilized to keep the plants hydrated at all times.

7. Humidistat

A humidistat is an electronic device that responds to relative humidity in a given room. It delivers data related to humidity levels that can be used as an input in accurately and automatically judging what ideal conditions should be set so that the plants have the best environment to grown in.

8. Lighting and Fixtures

Various lighting models and fixtures ranging from energy efficient light bulbs to full spectrum lights to wet location fixtures are widely available in the market. Supplementary lighting acts as a catalyst in stronger, healthier and faster maturity of seeds and saplings leading to spectacular flowering and higher yields.

9. Raised Bed Kits and Composting

Various researches have shown that raised bed gardens yield twice as much per square foot compared to standard gardening done with organic compost. These composting kits lead to better drainage, reduced threat of pests to plants and curtailed soil compaction.

10. Pots, Trays and Containers

Pots, trays and containers are valuable amplifiers for showcasing the artistry of your space to the world. These pots and trays are like designer clothes for your plants. Make them look good by adorning them with gorgeously crafted pots and containers.

Whether you are looking for ways to improve the shade and ventilation or care about heating and insulation, there are many accessories for a greenhouse that promise a better environment and higher yield. A greenhouse is a heavenly abode for the passionate gardener and these accessories accentuate the very essence of gardening and cultivation. It can be done either as a hobby or for a commercial purpose, no matter what; these ten supplements are your ultimate go-to for a smooth regime.