8 Basic Steps of Green Diet

Eating healthy food and in good proportion is extremely important. There are some basic steps of green diet that people should follow and this will prove to be extremely beneficial for their health.

1. Eating variety of foods

Having different types of food will surely help in meeting the nutritional requirements. One should try to understand which food provides which kind of nutrient. Then they should branch out the types of food that will help them and get the right amount of proteins, fat, calories, etc.

2. Buy locally produced food

It is good to buy food produced from the local farms. The food that is available at local farms is fresh, ripe and also doesn’t need to be transported. This food is much better than the ones that are treated with pesticides and go through some post-harvest treatment. One should ask the farmer whether the food is treated through pesticides or genetically brought up.

3. Buy seasonal produce

The seasonal food should be taken in huge quantity. It is also important to have good regulations on the use of pesticides and to store the food well so that it can be taken in all seasons.

4. Buy organically produced food

One should always look for organic certifications while buying food. This certificate guarantees that food has been grown and handled without any unnatural element. Chemicals and elements like hormones, pesticides, irradiation, artificial ingredients, preservatives, etc. should be avoided. Foods that have organic certification don’t have any genetically engineered element. Organic certification also proves that farmer is focusing on promotion of biological diversity.

Basic Steps of Green Diet

5. Eat fresh food with starch and fiber

People should try to eat whole foods like vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, and fruits. These are very healthy and fresh vegetables which can help in protection against heart diseases and even cancer. Another advantage of whole grains and legumes is that they are not genetically altered.

6. Eat fewer amounts of animal products

Dairy products and meat are two major sources of animal products that increase the chances of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Other animal products include antibiotics, toxic chemicals, farmed fish and synthetic hormones. Fish contains huge quantity of PCB. While buying poultry, dairy and meat people should try to look for organic feeds.

7. Packaged food

Highly processed food always contains high amount of sugar, salt, and fat. They may also contain corn based additives and genetically engineered soy. One should always lookout for food that are less processed and does not contain these additives.

8. Preparing meals at home

It is one of the best things that one can do to have the best food and this is the most important among all the basic steps of green diet. If people cook from scratch and put more labor into this then it will save resources and money for them. Others not only charge for the food but at the same time they are not able to provide healthy food when compared to the one cooked at home. Home cooking will always be healthy and nutritious.