20 Eco Holiday Tips and Suggestions

If you are looking for a head-start on the holiday planning then it is important for you to use the 20 eco holiday tips and suggestions. You should always get started with your holiday plans even before your holidays approach as this will avoid you from going through the problems of paying more, missing on eco-holiday alternatives and scrambling. The holidays are times when we have the company of family and friends. It is a time when we are allowed to plug off from the digital lives that we live and devote some time out of the house soaking in natural beauty. Eco-holiday activity is also the best thing that you can do.

Replace gifts with time

You can try to spend less money on giving gifts and instead look to spend quality time with your friends and family. This will make you and your friends and family members happy.

Shop for gifts at second-hand stores

If you have made up your mind to give gifts during the holiday season then look to buy gifts from second-hand shops, consignment stores and yard sales. Also buy gifts as early as possible.

DIY holiday decorations

You can create your very own decorations for the holidays by using pine cones and autumn leaves for making holiday cards, table and wall decorations and centerpieces.

Go for the purchase of fair trade items

If you have a friend or a family member who cannot do without chocolate or coffee, then you must try to buy from companies selling fair trade items.

Green shipping as well as packing options

If you are planning to shop online for the holiday season go to the online stores that deal in green shipping and packing options.

Eco Holiday Tips and Suggestions

Go for potted flowers and plants

In place of using cut flowers for decorating your home or for giving gifts you can choose potted flowers and plants as they are far more eco-friendly.

Plan holiday meals ahead

All your holiday meals should be planned ahead so that you can indulge in growing your very own produce instead of buying from the market.

Go for natural cleaning items

If you are having a family coming to your house for spending the holidays then try making use of natural cleaning products in order to carry out some spring cleaning.

Open the windows on a regular basis

During the holiday season, make sure that you open your windows on a regular basis so that natural air keeps coming in.

Eco-friendly holiday gift wraps

For wrapping up holiday gifts you can always use eco-friendly options like recycle boxes, bags and various other items.

Enjoy the outdoors

Spend some quality time in enjoying the outdoors on a regular basis by going for a small walk, breathing in the crisp air, relaxing and taking some time for freshening your heart and your mind.

Plan an eco-friendly holiday event

When planning a holiday event go for eco-friendly options like reusable silverware, dishes and many more things.

Use eco-friendly transportations

During holiday events you can encourage all your guests to go for eco-friendly transportations or to carpool as this will help them in cutting costs and in bringing about a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Turn down your thermostat by some degrees

When there are a lot of guests coming to your house during the holidays you can choose to turn down your thermostat by some degrees as this will save on your energy bills.

Use solar lights

When organizing holiday events, try making use of solar lights as much as possible because this will help you in cutting down on your energy costs.

Combine different activities together

You can always combine useful activities with errand when you need to do a lot of driving during the holiday season. This will help you in saving fuel as well as the cost of fuel.

Use a fuel saver

When driving for a holiday to some other place always make sure to use a fuel saver that can help you in reducing the pollution that comes out of your car and this also improves fuel economy.

Make donations

Try making some donations of money, goods and time as this is considered to be an eco-friendly method of spending the holidays.

Go simple

It is not wise to enjoy your holidays in a difficult way. Go for all the simple methods that you can use in making your holidays enjoyable.

Take the right decision

Throughout the holidays take the right decision of reducing, reusing and recycling things. These are the 20 eco holiday tips and suggestions that can help you in enjoying your holidays in an eco-friendly manner.