10 Cool iPhone Apps for Environmentalists

Mobile apps have really transformed the way people communicate or carry out different activities. By installing some of the cool iPhone apps for environmentalists one can make their own little contribution in the way natural resources are being consumed and preserved. These apps are mainly aimed at the environment conscious people who are trying their level best in promoting ‘Go Green’ consciousness among the masses.

1. iRecycle

irecycle app

It allows one to search from more than 100,000 disposal and recycling sites and locations. One simply needs to type in the kind of object they are planning to recycle and it will be sending in a list of nearby centres.

2. Find Green

This app provides information on the local green businesses within one’s vicinity. With more than 23 industries to select from, including retail, consumer, dining, health and wellness, one can show their support for business houses that are committed in improving the environment.

3. Greenpeace Tissue Guide

Greenpeace Tissue Guide

This app acts as a research tool in finding the safest companies that use recycled materials in their products. It ranks over 100 brands in four categories – paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissues and paper napkins.

4. Carbon Calc

Carbon Calc

This is a calculator for tallying one’s footprint with home, airline and car usage. The estimate it provides is not that accurate but is an excellent starting point to give one an idea of their energy usage.

5. Mission Zero

Mission Zero

The mission of MissionZero.org is in improving global environment via collective action. Its iPhone app keeps a track of sustainability issues from over 300 feeds.

6. Go Organic!

Go Organic

Quite similar to that of iLocavore, this app helps the user to locate organic grocery stores nearby. This app is of great help when one is travelling to unfamiliar places and is planning to maintain their healthy, organic diet.

7. Green Card

Green Card

This app helps the user to save paper digitally by allowing them to share their business card with their iPhone contacts. The best part is that if the user changes his phone number or address, the app automatically sends an updated version of the card to the past recipients.

8. Green Lemur

Like Get Green, this app offers eco-friendly advice to the user on how they can lead a sustainable lifestyle. One can either browse by a particular topic or check out the daily tip.

9. MeterRead

This is the perfect app for those whose jaw drops every time they open their electricity bill. It monitors the electric meter and helps one to track their energy consumption.

10. The Green Meter

This impressive app computes a vehicle’s fuel usage and power characteristics and evaluates their driving so as to reduce fuel consumption, increase efficiency and lower their environmental impact.