What Is Green Environment? Necessity of Green Environment in Today’s Context

What is green environment? Well, Mother Nature has a proportion of natural elements that define survival of life. The circumstances, conditions that surround and influence life on Earth, including water cycle, food chains and weather conditions is called environment. It is a permutation of both living and non living things. The drastic change in these proportions makes life fatal for living beings to survive.

The components like air, water, temperature and land influence the life of plants and animals. Efficient use of natural resources, water, energy and materials is called Green environment. This results in reducing waste, air and water pollution.

What is green environment

What is green environment and what can be done to maintain it?

Green Environment is the application of one or more of ecological science, environmental monitoring, conservation of natural resources, and to reduce the negative impacts of human involvement. The necessity of green environment is inevitable to save coming generations. A greener environment improves the quality of life on Earth and helps in supporting higher levels of physical activity, improves the functioning of immune system, helps diabetics accomplish healthier blood glucose levels and improves efficient health status.

Renewable energy can be reloaded easily. We have been using sources like sun, wood, and water for producing energy. Energy generated from natural objects is considered to be renewable energy. Green plants are to be grown to get fresh air and prevent air pollution as plants absorb carbon dioxide. Water purification is the major step as many diseases come through contaminated water. Environmental remediation is the elimination of pollutants for general preservation of the environment. This can be achieved by various biological and chemical movements.

Energy preservation is the minimal utilization of devices that require electricity in order to reduce the consumption of electricity. Less usage of electricity results in reducing pollution. Solid waste management is the consumption, purification, disposal and reprocess of the materials used in our daily life to keep going most of the daily activities.

There are number of biotic and physiological conditions that unite together to form an environment and this combination leads to the alteration and existence of plants and animals in different regions of the Earth. Nature has created many critical balances across the Earth that the abundance or the shortfall of any of elements can prove harmful. Therefore, it is essential to keep the bond of life natural and green.