Top 10 Inventive Ways to Use Solar Power

One of the best and easily available sources of renewable energy is the Solar Power, which if used in an effective and inventive way, can be quite useful in less consumption of non-renewable sources as well as maintaining a balanced eco-system. Listed below are 10 inventive ways to use solar power.

1. Solar Paint

It is a fine way of saving electricity consumption in one’s house and quite an innovative one. It is made up of thin film nano particles acting as solar conductors instead of silicon which helps in emitting valuable solar power that can be utilized at night.

2. Solar Attic Fans

A new approach towards renewable energy is these fans that help to keep rooms cool and dry. Besides being eco-friendly, it is also lighter in the pocket as it comes as low as $500 and can be installed within few hours.


3. Solar Hot Water

To save the household budget, one can easily use the Solar Hot Water system to get continuous flow of hot water throughout the day.  Apparently it helps in heating water in a much more eco-friendly way than an electric heater. You can significantly save space and heat your swimming pool, hot tubs or above ground pool by installing a solar pool heater as well. They’re cost competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters, and they have very low annual operating costs. Actually, solar pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy in many climates. To achieve best solar power applications on your swimming pools, it’s better to speak with experienced pool builders.

Solar Hot Water

4. Solar Chargers for the Cell Phones

Charging a cell phone is considered to be a daily work in today’s world and so these chargers have been invented in order to get one’s phone recharged even when one is out-doors and don’t have a charger.

Solar Chargers for the Cell Phones

5. Solar Backpacks

An innovative way of keeping all the gadgets fully charged is by using Solar Backpacks. Solar panels are embedded in them including ports to plug-in cell phones, cameras, laptops, etc.

Solar Backpacks

6. Solar Street Lights

Government and municipalities now-a-days can help a country’s economic position by using solar powered street lights and traffic-signs. One can get rid of wasting money on electricity for city lights as this solar power system is easily installable and inexpensive to operate.

Solar Street Light

7. Solar Suitcase

Another life-saving invention has been the portable Solar Suitcase which is an ideal thing in emergency situations, such as after experiencing an earthquake, tornado, tsunami or other natural disasters, one gets continuous flow of power without any hindrance. It was first designed for hospitals and other such facilities.

8. Solar Lawnmower

Trimming of grass in front of one’s house can be quite a boring job and it also consumes lot of electricity. Coming to the rescue is the Solar Lawnmower which utilizes the solar energy with the help of solar panels embedded in it.

9. Solar Cooker

Solar cooker has been in the circuit for some time and easily one of the first in utilizing solar energy in an effective way. It not only cooks meal and saves energy, but also saves money and the power to heat an oven. It’s a great alternative, if one is always on the lookout to save time.

Solar Cooker

10. Solar Car

A list of 10 inventive ways to use solar power cannot be complete if one fails to mention this innovative system where solar panels are located on a car to track the sun-rays. Tracking helps in the solar panels to move, thereby capturing the most direct sunlight and therefore generating more power.

Solar Car

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