Practical Tips for Going Green in summer

You get some leisure time and hot days as the warm weather fully unfurls. This is the value time to spend with kids at the beach, away on vacations, trips to the local zoo, ballgames and as a whole much more to squeeze in. Have you ever wondered how to make your summer vacation feeling its greenest? Summer is a great time to lead a more eco friendly and green life but it depends on how you want to spend your time. You can follow some simple tips for going green in summer. So, these simple tips will tend to make your summer all the more delightful.

Tips for going green in summerHow can the tips for going green in summer make your Sunny days all the more lively?

Find local activities like going for a beach with friends and kids to relax, having a ballgame, a trip to the local park because these activities involve low environmental impact. Time spent with your family and friends can be a great way to have fun. You can take some new books to read while lounging on the deck because it is a beautiful way to spend your time. Air conditioning provides relief from the heat and makes the sweaty nights bearable but avoid overuse of these kinds of equipment as they will have some adverse affects on the environment. You can save money by increasing the temperature a few degrees on your AC. With these tips, you can make a better contribution to saving the Nature on your part.

Some of the most feasible tips for going green in summer and promoting the ‘green’

Propane burns cleaner than charcoal or wood. If you want to use charcoal, use a natural product produced by cowboy charcoal because it is cleaner than the traditional briquettes. After grilling, use organic grill cleaner because it is a natural cleaning product. This will make your summer as chemical-free as possible. It has been proved that it is as strong on dirt as the traditional cleaners but does not leave the chemical behind to leach into your next grilled tomato or burger. Buy food locally and make sure that the vegetables that you eat mixed in a salad or hot off the grill have not travelled hundreds of miles to reach your plate.

This will cut down the use of fossil fuels and reduce the level of resource depletion and pollution over your vegetables bought at the local market. Use reusable dishes instead of Styrofoam or plastic. If you use disposable, make sure to pick up compostable varieties to put into the compost bin after using them. No need to go as far as wearing solar bikini or biodegradables to make your summer accessories more sustainable. Go for eco-friendly products like skincare products, towels, sandals, swimsuits. These are available in attractive and beautiful designs.

Pick up a device like Freeloader to take with you on day trips. In this way you will be able to recharge or run a wide variety of portable devices on solar energy during your journey or while you are at the beach. Save money by cutting down the use of electricity and providing solar power to your rechargeable devices. Use garlic barrier to ward off mosquitoes because traditional tips for going green in summer can also do this job, but they can turn your backyard into a deathtrap for other living things that drop by for a visit. This implies that ladybugs, butterflies, birds and even your family pats get an unhealthy dose. Planting rosemary is a natural way to block mosquitoes.