Some of the Most Common Issues with Solar Lighting

Solar lighting systems are the perfect alternative against lights running on electricity. Although, significant advancements have been made in the field of solar lighting, there are still several common issues with solar lighting which need to be addressed. There are quite a few potential problems that arise with solar lighting.

Solar Lighting

1. Can Lose Charge

The major problem associated with these lights is that, small batteries used for them tend to develop reduced charging capacity with the passage of time. Majority of these batteries fail to provide any power after numerous cycles of charge and discharge. This turns out to be a serious problem as the solar lights fail to work during night. Replacing these batteries is not that easy as they are either expensive or proprietary. This can lead to replacement of the whole unit which is not at all desirable.

2. Lack of Darkness

Another common issue with solar lighting is that since this type of lights work on light sensitive switches, they do not get illuminated if the place is not that dark. Areas near a floodlight or streetlight are the common places where the problem occurs as the sensor installed fails to recognize whether it is daytime or night time. As a result, the light fails to illuminate.

3. Position

The position of the solar panels needs to be oriented in a southward direction so as to get the maximum sunlight and work in the best possible manner. This is true for all countries lying in the Northern Hemisphere but for countries situated in the Southern Hemisphere, it is just the opposite. This can also pose as a problem for insufficient lighting if the panels are not aligned the way they need to be. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the right position before the installation of solar panels.

4. Lack of Sun

Lack of sufficient sunlight is definitely a big issue with solar lighting as there are several places in this world where sunlight is scarce. The panels store the energy of the sun which delivers power to the light during night time. If the panels are not properly charged the lights offer dim light or no light at all.

5. Damage to Solar Panels

Solar panels that encounter damage or get obscured by dirt fail to charge properly during daytime which results in insufficient light during night. Plastic protective coating to prevent the solar panels from damage can turn to yellow because of sun’s heat which results in inoperability.

It thus makes it pretty clear that even though these panels are great in terms of energy efficiency there are a few issues which can be a hindrance in proper usage. It hence makes it more important for people installing these that they take care of the issues that may arise.