Solar Powered Sports Stadiums

Man is thinking ‘green’ and this initiative to protect the planet is causing the world to go ‘greener’ in its ways. This ‘green revolution’ caused by this growing consciousness about the planet has taken such a massive form that it is influencing almost every activity on earth. The extent has increased to a level that buildings and stadiums are being built based on ecological principles. For example, the solar powered sports stadiums are an amazing creation which has been constructed at numerous cities across the globe.

Dragon Stadium, World Games

The first entirely solar powered stadium is the Dragon Stadium which is situated at Taiwan. The sports stadium, consisting of forty thousand seats was built in the year 2009 for World Games event. The architecture has nearly nine thousand rooftop solar panels which create more electricity than required for powering two giant scoreboards and 3300 lights in the stadium. The name of the stadium has been kept by keeping in mind how the giant stadium looks with the solar electric ‘scales’.

Dragon Stadium, World Games

Stade de Suisse

Another very impressive solar powered stadium is Stade de Suisse located in Bern, Switzerland, which is powered by 1.3 megawatt solar power units. More than one million kilowatt hours of electric power is produced by 7930 Kyocera modules in a year for the Young Boys Bern, the local soccer team, and also for hockey in winters.

Stade de Suisse

AT&T Park

Not just the architecture of the AT&T Park in San Francisco keeps with the green standard, but is also powered by solar powered panels. The Major League Baseball is fast embracing the ‘green’ and electricity created by the 120 kilowatt solar array powers the giant score board during the baseball season. The energy created can power forty individual homes.

AT&T Park

Nuremberg Soccer Stadium

Among the most elegant solar powered sports stadiums this beautiful stadium was powered by 140 kilowatt solar power by the Siemens in the year 2006. The entire system was installed in three weeks on the roof of the stadium that occupied an area of 1000 square meters.

Nuremberg Soccer Stadium

Fenway Park

There is no use of solar electric power in Fenway Park and Boston Red Sox. However, the solar thermal system is installed on the roof supplies nearly 37% of this gas that is used typically in water heating the park. Red Sox is also involved in other significantly important environmental activities such as well-timed irrigation, recycling, composting grass clippings, and many more. This initiative of recycling involves a Impossible Dream team that consists of a group of children from colleges that roam throughout the stadium for retrieving all that can be recycled.


Sports unite different people from across the globe as an activity. At times of sports events there is a considerate amount of energy requirement for a structure as huge as a stadium. With solar powered sports stadiums, it is highly possible to use the renewable form of energy and save a large amount of energy produced from other modes.