Renewable Energy Resources Rule the Future Needs of Energy

With the growing dependence of nations on natural gas, oil and coal, proper utilization of renewable energy resources is extremely vital to get rid of this increased dependence. The use of fossil fuels is causing worldwide concerns regarding global warming and it is high time to come up with some better alternative.

1. Solar Energy

Solar energy is unarguably the best source of energy available to man. Solar energy or sunlight can be utilized for lighting, cooling and heating homes, generating electricity, different industrial processes, water heating and lots more. Majority of renewable resources come indirectly or directly from the sun. Even though there have been lots of discoveries to turn this energy into power, there is a long way ahead to make the best utilization of this energy resource.

Solar Energy

2. Wind Energy

Movement of air caused by cooler air rushing in to replace warm air is generally known as wind. For centuries, wind energy has been used for running windmills and sailing ships. Nowadays, this energy is utilized by the wind turbines for generating electricity.

Wind Energy

3. Biomass Energy

Biomass has been an immensely useful energy source since the time when people started to burn woods for cooking food and warm themselves from chilly winds of the winter. Although, wood is the primary biomass energy resource, there are other sources like forestry as well as agricultural residue and waste, organic components from industrial and municipal wastes along with grasses, food crops and even methane gas. Energy from biomass can be used for producing electricity, manufacture products and also as fuel for vehicles.

biomass Energy

4. Hydropower

When water flows downstream, it is considered to generate enough power which can be utilized for different purposes. This as a renewable energy resource is maintained by the cycle of precipitation and evaporation. Hydropower is a vital constituent of the renewable resources which can be captured by generators and turbines for producing electricity.


5. Hydrogen

Hydrogen has immense potential as energy and fuel source, however the technology required for making an effective use of it is still in the development phase. This element is available in plenty on the planet but generally exist in combination with different elements. It can be separated from various elements and then can replace natural gas used for cooking and heating. People may use it for electricity generation or for powering their vehicles as well.


6. Geothermal Energy

The heat of the Earth producing hot water and steam can be used for electricity generation as well as for powering generators. The energy can easily be drawn through drilling the Earth’s crust or from different geothermal reservoirs located close to the surface.

Geothermal energy, #10

Proper and effective utilization of these renewable forms of energy promises a better and brighter future for Mother Earth. There are several countries that are promoting the wise use of these resources and making newer inventions in the field of renewable energy.