The Pros and Cons of Going Green

The concept of going green is gaining popularity day by day.  Many house owners are looking forward for greener designs. One common line through all interpretation of green environment is being conscious of, and reducing the ecological impact of your life style. Here are some of the pros and cons of going green.

Minimizing the use of packaging materials and disposables, reusing them whenever feasible, then recycling the garbage; all these things seem to be very little but they enhance your contribution to the earth’s green environment. Adapting using natural resources instead of artificial human made resources results in omitting less fossil fuels and thus contributes to green environment.

Pros and cons of going green

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, America alone generated about 250 million tons of trash in 2008. Out of which it recycled more than 33 percent of this waste and surplus 54 percent to landfills. However there exist some pros and cons of going green.

Pros: Green design can be a competitive advantage for business if the items are similar in price and construction to more conservative options as they are much healthier and safer. There is an edge for FSC certified woods, organic and non-toxic materials.

You can also choose to go green by buying provisions in bulk, purchasing at local farmers or buying used furniture in place of new items which can also save money. Once you incur the initial cost of installation such as solar panels, you may enjoy lower related expenses on it.

The future of the planet depends on how collectively we reduce the impact on the world with the help of green environment. It ensures that our resources are used efficiently and that the earth is left in good condition for future generations to live. More people started to realize the advantage of going green and as such the market for green goods and services is blooming. Greening your firm entirely will increase your over value.

The abundant availability of green goods and services lowers the cost to produce and provide. Involve yourself and contribute towards a rising, greener, healthy and a moral global future. Spread the benefits of going green to improve health and wellbeing of the people. This promotes equality in society.

Cons: Going green does not mean it is out of style or cannot provide luxury. It is a real hurdle until and unless people understand it. Even though the alternatives are increasing the range of choices is less and needs to do more background check. We need to spend time and energy in search of them.

Some green alternatives like environment-friendly toiletries, wood furniture and organic materials cost more than non-green products.

For an average business person, the additional cost of purchasing eco-friendly products like energy fittings, efficient water and recycling pickups may reduce the profit. The firm may adopt the concept if it proves as an advantage and generates goodwill from customers.