Going Green Ideas to Save Environment

The responsibility to save environment and to keep the surroundings pollution-free is growing day by day as the atmosphere is already polluted to most extent and it is time to save environment and to save ourselves.  Environmental friendly usage of many devices or appliances is gaining importance in today’s life and many people are opting for going green ideas. Being eco-friendly has more to do with celebrating Gods creativity and passing those values to the next generation.

We can minimize stress on the environment by doing many of our everyday tasks slight differently as we are already facing Global Warming. All it takes is some consideration and know-how to protect the planet and even save some money in the process. Check out some of the going green ideas.

Going Green IdeasSave Energy: Install compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and choose rechargeable batteries. Turn off lights when you are out of the room and unplug appliances like TV and computer when you are not using them. Another important tip is to use a clothesline instead of drying clothes through machine to save the energy.

Save Water: Fit a low-flow showerhead as it saves water and energy as well. Have drought-tolerant plants in your garden as they absorb less water and thrive for more days. Many of these plants need minimum watering. Use a barrel to collect rain water for garden and house plants.

Save Fuel: Walk or take a bicycle ride to your office or for the frequent trips to the stores instead of driving your vehicle as it will save the usage of fuel. Apart from saving fuel and reducing parking costs, it also reduces traffic and also reduces your risk of obesity and improves your cardiovascular health. Taking public transportation to work saves fuel, money and keeps you away from traffic jams. Consider telecommuting if you live far away from your work place. Move closer even if you need to pay more rent as it could save your money in long term.

Save Environment:  Going green ideas are implemented to save environment. Minimize usage of plastic storage bags and instead, use cloth grocery bags. Use cloth instead of paper to clean your kitchen. If you wish to be more economical, you can make them out of old towels and t-shirts. Paying bills online is not only an eco-friendly idea but also a sanity saver. Reuse glass jars instead of plastic ones as containers for storing. Instead of buying bottled or can water, use water filter to purify tap water. Carry a reusable water bottle, preferably aluminum rather than a plastic one. Donate or recycle your cell phones and other items responsibly when the time comes. E-waste contains toxics and is a rising environmental problem.

Borrow instead of buying: Borrow books from libraries instead of buying. This saves money and environment as well by saving on ink and paper that go into printing new books. Share tools and other appliances from your neighbor.

Save the Economy:  Buy locally raised organic meat, dairy, and eggs whenever you can. Purchasing from local people keeps money in the local economy.