Cool Things About Solar Heating

Sun’s energy can be directed toward several uses, and one of them which is quite popular is solar heating. There are a number of cool things about solar heating and those that are most common among them are water heating, building heating, and solar cooking have been discussed here.

1. Water heating

Water heating system usually consists of solar collector, a holding tank and a process for the circulation of water. These systems can be both indirect and direct. In a direct system the water gets heated as it flows in through the collector. The system of indirect heating works by heating a fluid in a collector. This fluid flows through the heat exchanger contained in the holding tank where the water is heated within the tank. The water in the tank is heated by the heat energy collected by the solar collector. Using solar heat for heating water is a proven procedure. 40% of the utility bills of an average family are spent on heating water. Solar heating of water saves the utility bills as well.

Solar water heater

2. Heating the buildings

Solar heat can be used for heating the buildings in a number of ways and this is one of the cool things about solar heating. The buildings can be heated either in special designs inside the buildings by means of passive solar heating or by using solar collectors. In case of passive solar heating, the design of the building is such that it can capture the heat energy of the sun. The walls and the floors in such buildings are specially designed so as to heat up the entire building. The work of a solar collector consists in heating the air that passes through it and this air heat is blown into the house. It is also used in heating up a fluid that passes through the pipe through the entire building for heating the building.

Solar Building Heating

3. Solar Cooking

One of the innovative and cool things about solar heating is that it can also be used in cooking. The solar cookers are available in several kinds’ i.e. parabolic, panel, and box. The parabolic cookers are made as dishes in convex shapes and they concentrate the heat on the base of the pot. These solar cookers cook as fast as the conventional cooking systems. The only disadvantage with parabolic cookers is that they are highly expensive. The panel cookers use several flat panels for focusing light on one spot. The pot or the cooking vessel is kept where light is focused, and thus gets heated up. The box cookers are simple boxes that allows light through a clear lid. This kind of solar cookers may also be provided with reflectors for increasing the amount of light entering the lid. Light from the sun enters the box which is then used in cooking or heating.

Solar cooking