5 Energy Saving Tricks and Treats

Individuals who look to save energy can get hold of the 5 energy saving tricks and treats so that they are able to do away with their aim. Ideally, Halloween is the time for treats and tricks but try some important tricks on saving energy can help you in getting your own treats. From hunting for leaks of ghost power to shining a particular light on vampire sources of energy, this is the time for you to uncover energy skeletons that lurk in your closet.

1. Use natural light for lighting your home

The first trick that you can use in saving energy is making use of natural light for lighting your home. The sun shines for a very limited period of time during the winter and the fall months. You can take the best advantage of these hours and allow the sunlight to shine in. Your real treat lies in certain health benefits that you reap from using natural light in your room apart from saving money. This also helps in bringing about a reduction in headaches and eyestrain.

2. Get hold of energy vampires

This is another trick that you can use in saving energy. It involves looking for the energy vampires and then stabbing them at the place where it hurts the most. People throughout the world are aware about energy vampires bleeding them dry. But there are not many people who do anything result-oriented regarding these energy vampires. You just need to follow some simple steps and you will find saving money as well as time.

Energy Saving Tricks and Treats

3. Try doing a home energy evaluation

It is not always advisable to pay huge sums of money for energy audits if you have the option of trying a DIY home energy evaluation. It might be surprising for you to get hold of the various ways in which energy is wasted in your house. Simply getting hold of and reducing the drafts in the entire house can help you in saving between 5% to 30% energy costs and this is a good treat.

4. Get all your electronic appliances working for you and not against you

Electronic appliances turn out to be the worst offenders when it is something related to bringing your energy bill down. Large appliances use a lot of energy and this is something that costs a lot of money. The best thing that you can do is opt for appliances that are energy efficient so that you can save your hard-earned money. Savings and energy-efficiency is the treat that you get.

5. Thermostat should be set for Comfort

This trick involves setting the thermostat for the purpose of comfort and even for saving energy. You can very easily set and adjust your thermostat according to your needs. However, you can always choose to turn down the temperature when you go to bed or when you are out of your house as this can help you in saving 1% energy per degree. It is indeed a treat and can hugely save on your energy bills.

Apart from these tips, reducing your water temperature and keeping hot air from leaking into your home and ensuring that your cooling system runs efficiently are some of the basic tips to remember to save energy in your home. Being responsible towards the environment and contributing to the energy bottom line will make the planet a healthier and greener one.