10 Inventive Ways to Use Solar Power

You can use solar cells more than just as a means of solar power for the residential sector by knowing the 10 inventive ways to use solar power. What is the exact thing that comes to your mind when you give a thought the topic of solar energy? Like many other people, you will have images of solar panels used for generating electricity. There are a number of creative applications of solar energy that make use of great technology for harnessing the power from the sun for different uses. Solar Power when used in an inventive and effective way can turn out to be very useful in very less consumption of the non-renewable energy sources.

1. Solar paint

Solar paint

Solar paint is the best method of saving the consumption of electricity in your house and it is quite innovative too. Solar paint is usually made up of nano particles in thin film and works in the form of a solar conductor in place of silicon, helping in the emission of expensive solar power that can very easily be used during the night.

2. Solar attic fans

Solar attic fans

These fans are a new approach towards energy sources that are renewable. The solar attic fans help in keeping rooms dry and cool. These fans are not only eco-friendly, but they are also quite affordable.

3. Solar hot water

Solar hot water

You can easily use a solar hot water system if you are bent on saving on your household budget. This system enables you to get hot water flowing continuously during the entire day. The system aids in heating water in an eco-friendly manner rather than making use of an electric heater.

4. Solar chargers

Solar chargers

These days it is a regular routine to charge a mobile phone and therefore the use of solar chargers can work as an eco-friendly method of charging one’s phone even when he or she is outdoors and is not in possession of a charger.

5. Solar backpacks

Solar backpacks

Solar backpacks are a creative method of storing gadgets completely charged. These backpacks contain solar panels, including ports for plugging in laptops, cell phones and cameras.

6. Solar street lights

Solar street lights


Nowadays municipalities and governments can be of great help in stabilizing the economic position of a country by making use of traffic signs and street lights that are solar powered.

7. Solar suitcase

Solar suitcase

This is another life-saving and very significant invention that can serve as the perfect thing for emergency situations. These suitcases will help you get continuous flow of energy without any kind of obstacle during earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes.

8. Solar lawn mower

Solar lawn mower

Solar lawn mower is a device that makes use of solar energy with solar panels embedded into it and turns your boring job of mowing the lawn interesting.

9. Solar cooker

Solar cooker

Solar cookers are virtually being used in every household these days and they have turned to be the most useful source of solar energy.

10. Solar car

Solar car

The list of 10 inventive ways to use solar power can never be completed without the mention of solar cars possessing solar panels for tracking the rays of the sun.