What Is Global Warming and What Can Be Done to Stop It

Causes and effects of global warming

If you are really wondering what is global warming, it is the rapid increase in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere due to the emissions of green house gases like carbon dioxide that is emitted as people burn fossil fuels like coal, oil, gas and petroleum. Carbon dioxide collects light and heat produced by Sun and increases the presence of greenhouse gases that act like a cover holding heat in the atmosphere and thus making the Earth warmer.

The primary cause of global warming is human commotion, more importantly burning of fuels to run industries, drive vehicles, generating electricity to operate homes and businesses such as turning on lights, watching TV, heating food in a microwave and using air conditioner, also called as electrical pollution. Deforestation and cutting down trees in cities for construction purposes also increase the levels of carbon dioxide as trees no longer survive to absorb carbon dioxide. Garbage burned omits huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the air making our planet’s condition worse.

what is global warming

Carbon Overfilling

Overfilling our atmosphere with carbon has serious and drastic effects for people around the world resulting in more severe droughts, more  intense storms, fatal heat waves, rising sea levels, and more acidic oceans. Global warming is going to bring severe heat waves as a result we will have extreme hot summer days. United States warms additional 4 to 11°F on average over the next century. Major weather-related power outages have already become more common. Global warming will worsen respiratory allergies for approximately 25 million Americans. Disastrous wildfires are further on to happen. This is the situation faced by most of the Americans.

To reduce global warming, we need to considerably minimize the amount of heat-trapping emissions by being mindful of our electricity usage, drive more efficient cars, and accept carpooling and taking other steps to reduce our own consumption of fossil fuels. Recycling and planting trees also helps. Recycling leaves less trash to dump and thus less trash gets burned. The government came with a law called The Clean Air Act so that there is less air pollution. Now companies are following The Clean Air Act by changing their products to decrease pollution.

To reduce the threat of global warming, invest in clean and well organized energy technologies, industries and eco-friendly approaches.