Tackling the Issue of Global Warming a Major Concern for India and the United States

United States Secretary of State, John Kerry stated that India along with the United States needs to work on the issue of global warming before things get worse.

Kerry is on a 2-week visit to Asia and the Mideast and came up with the statement just before U.S President Barack Obama is expected to unveil plans for his country on this growing concern.

Global warming

After consultation with officials from White House, it is expected that regulations will be put forward regarding heat-trapping gases that are emitted by power plants running on coal.

India derives most of its power from coal power plants and the United States wants India along with other nations to depend less on coal generation facilities. The U.S is offering full support to India-Pakistan-Afghanistan-Turkmenistan pipeline which is expected to bring energy to power-starved nations.

With NATO troops ready to leave to Afghanistan, India is of the concern that its interests might be endangered in the country. However, Kerry has reassured India that the commitment of United States towards Afghanistan will not end even when NATO troops complete its withdrawal by next year’s end.

Kerry also spoke on Pakistan and there is high hope that the new President of Pakistan will try and solve existing issues and improve its relation with India.