Sudden Stopping of Geoengineering Carried out for Decades can Speed up Global Warming

University of Washington’s atmospheric scientists in a new research stated that spraying of reflective particles into atmosphere for reflecting back sunlight and stopping it can aggravate the issue of climate change.

The study reports that the sudden stopping of geoengineering which has been carried out for decades can cause overall atmospheric warming at a much faster pace than what is caused by global warming. Kelly McCusker, lead author stated that even though absolute temperature will end up being almost the same but, because of the drastic change, organisms and ecosystems won’t get the time to acclimatize with the change.

Geoengineering Global warming

The primary concern of the study is solar radiation management which is basically a geoengineering method where minute sulfur based particles are sprayed into upper atmosphere for reflecting sunlight. Experts are of the opinion that this method is technically and economically feasible.

UW Team stated that if the implementation of geoengineering continues for around twenty five years and suddenly put to a halt then, overall temperature can increase by as much as four degree Celsius which wouldn’t normally be the case.

McCusker clearly stated that such a drastic change would make it extremely hard for majority of organisms to adapt to the conditions.