Know How to Reduce Global Warming

In order to reduce Global warming people need to remain determined and avoid the substances that cause problems in the environment. The primary reason behind the cause of Global Warming is increased levels of carbon dioxide and wastage of natural resources. Burning fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, gasoline and oil emit carbon dioxide and this pollutes the environment. There are some steps that can help in maintaining a balance in the environment and reduce global warming.


One should always focus on using recycled products and try to reduce wastes as much as possible. People should always buy products that have minimum amount of packing and whenever possible they should try to recycle plastic, paper, aluminum cans, glass, etc. If one is not able to find a proper recycling program near the house or the office then they should try to start one.

Buying localized products

Buying products from local producers, farmers and manufacturers helps in saving transportation energy and transportation cost. Once a person buys products locally it will automatically support the local population and reduce the production of carbon. Coffee is one of the products that when bought locally has good impact on the environment and adds value for the local manufacturers.

How to Reduce Global Warming

Using energy efficient products

In order to reduce global warming this is one of the most important points that come to rescue. People should buy cars that provide good mileage and produce less pollutant. One should also look forward to using energy efficient appliances in their home and avoid products that affect the nature. Instead of buying standard light bulbs people should focus on using fluorescent bulbs that produce less energy and give a natural look.

Conservation of water

Today water consumption has significantly increased and huge amount of water is wasted by the urban population. If water is not distributed properly then the greenhouse gas emission would increase and huge quantity of useful water will go waste. There are some simple things that can help in conserving water and reduce global warming. One should try to use less water and always check the taps after using them. People should also landscape the grasses and plants that have positive effect on the environment and reduce the negative effect of global warming.

Reducing products that cause heat

One should use insulation on the attic and the walls of the house and office. Along with this people should also install caulking and weather stripping around the doors and windows. This will helps in reducing energy costs by 25 percent, provide a cooling effect and reduce the heat caused by all the electrical equipment.

Reducing the use of cars

To reduce global warming people should try to use the general transport system and reduce the use of cars. Cars emit huge amount of pollutants and this increases the carbon content in the air. By saving each gallon of gas one can expect to reduce more than 20 pounds of carbon from the atmosphere.