How to Stop Global Warming?

One of the major questions that stand before us today is how to reduce global warming. In order to stop global warming it is important to understand the phenomenon first. It is the increase in the temperature of earth due to greenhouse effect. The ways to stop global warming include:

Buying products that are energy efficient

Faced with the threats of global warming, the electronic products in the present times are made energy efficient. The technology reduces the use of energy, reduces the utility bills and saves energy. Starting with the television and washing machine, and going down to the kitchen appliances, all the electronic goods should be purchased keeping in mind their energy efficiency. The incandescent light bulbs consume a lot of energy. The CFLs are not just brighter and natural but also consume lesser energy. It is better to avoid such products that are excessively packaged. It is better to go for such packing materials that are recyclable.

How to Stop Global Warming

Planting trees

A useful way to stop global warming is planting lots and lots of trees. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. They make use of carbon to build their tissues while giving back some to the soil in the process called sequestration. Deforestation is a major cause that is increasing the risks of global warming to a great extent. Though the rate of deforestation is high, planting more and more trees can somewhat reduce the risks.

Reducing wastage

One of the major contributors to global warming is garbage production. Greenhouse gases such as methane are produced by the decomposition of wastes. Reducing the patterns of consumption and making use of the articles when possible reduces the carbon footprint. The emission of greenhouse gases can be reduced by recycling paper, glass, plastic, and metal. Recycling items not just reduces wastage but also reduces the amount of energy required to manufacture something from the scratch.

Turning off appliances when not in use

In order to stop global warming, the lights and water should be turned off when not in use. Faced with the increased cost of energy, people in the present times have become hugely conscious of saving energy. This not just reduces the energy bills but also reduces the carbon footprints that contribute to greenhouse effect.

Heat water to a less high temperature

The water heater should be set up to fifty degrees for saving energy. In case if the water heater is more than five years, it should be wrapped in an insulating bucket. If the shower heads have a low flow, they would save water, which should reduce the overall carbon footprint of the household. Washing clothes in warm or cold water rather than in hot water will reduce the consumption of energy.

Faced with the growing threats in living, people need to adopt the necessary measures to stop global warming which is potent enough to create conditions in which life can perish.