Global Warming Facts for Kids to Know and Protect the Environment

The Earth’s climate is getting warmer rapidly with an accelerating speed. Various activities by the human beings like burning of fossil fuels are the main reason of this warming. Weather sensitive changes are happening in the ecosystem and potentially irreversible ecological changes may take place in the coming time. These hazardous climate changes that are already in process are dangerous for human beings and will result in various health problems especially to children. The extent and nature of these changes will be reduced significantly by taking proper action at the global level. There are some of the hazardous global warming facts for kids that would shock you.

Some global warming facts for kids

Although global warming affects the health of all human beings, children are more likely to suffer from both indirect and direct adverse effects of the climate changes. Doctors should understand the impact of these effects on the health of the children and participate as their advocate for strong improvement strategies. Powerful solutions against global warming should be developed. Pediatric health care providers can become leaders to protect the ‘leaders of future’ against various hazardous diseases caused due to the climatic changes of global warming. Children are more vulnerable to the effects of global warming therefore necessary steps should be taken protect their health.

global warming facts for kids

Revealing some of the most common global warming facts for kids

Global warming causes increased exposure to heat related conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It increases the risk of many infectious diseases spread by ticks and mosquitoes such as malaria, Lyme disease and West Nile virus. It increases food-borne and water-borne illness including infectious diarrhea. This disease is caused due to disrupted food supply and increased temperature. The increased air pollution damages the proper functioning of lungs. Since it causes heart related diseases like heat stroke and cardiovascular diseases in older people, so the children are at great risk of losing a parent due to extreme weather conditions.

It increases disrupted displacement and education due to extreme weather events such as drought, hurricanes and floods. Children are more susceptible to loss of caregiver, post traumatic stress disorders, and injury or death. Air pollution causes more damage to the lungs of children causing respiratory ailments and asthma because their lungs are in the development stage and they breathe at a higher rate as compared to adults.

Waterborne infections such as gastrointestinal problems and diarrhea hit children harder. According to the researchers, global warming exacerbates many childhood diseases such as allergy and asthma. The global warming facts for kids have proved to be quite harmful till now and thus demand for every possible caution.

These infections increase sharply with rain which occurs due to warm climate. Children have the tendency to catch malaria very fast therefore 75% deaths due to malaria include children below 5 years. According to the researchers, children are often exposed to the adverse health effects from environmental hazards. To save children from these hazardous effects steps should be taken to minimize the greenhouse gas emission related to global warming. This can be done by increasing thermostat setting in summer and increasing in winters, switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, and using less cars. This will help to save the health of the little ones.