A Walk Through the Global Warming Causes and Effects with Urbanization

The increase in the average temperature of the Earth due to the effect of greenhouse gases is known as global warming. Carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels and other sources traps heat from escaping the Earth but if this heat increases too much, it results in global warming. Sometimes people burn the garbage which releases an enormous amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and makes global warming worse. People are cutting more and more trees and hence causing global warming because trees and plants collect Carbon dioxide and in this way they help to reduce the concentration of Carbon dioxide in the air.

Global warming causes and effectsThe ‘first’ phase of causes in the cycle of global warming causes and effects

The very first phase in the cycle of global warming causes and effects is the part of activities which form the root. Human beings are mainly responsible for increasing the concentration of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 30% which is an extremely significant increase. Combustion of fossil fuels, manufacture of cement, heating, transportation and electricity generation emit nearly 22 billion tons of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in one year. Approximately one third of the total emission comes from the transportations, another one third of electricity generation and the remaining from all other sources. This enormous increase of Carbon dioxide is responsible for increasing the atmospheric level of Carbon dioxide dramatically.

The ‘second’ phase in the cycle of global warming causes and effects

Global warming is affecting human beings in many ways. It raises the sea level and sometimes it covers many lowland islands. It creates a big problem for many people, animals and plants on the islands. Most of the plants die due to excess water, as a result of which animals lose their habitat as well as a source of food and many of them die. Due to the sudden death of plants and animals, men lose two big sources of food (plants and animals). As a result, either they die or would have to leave that area. This breaks the food chain.

Global warming also affects Oceans because many things that are happening to the Oceans are directly related to it. First of all, it is making the water warm due to which algae is dying in the sea and in the Oceans. Algae are a food for many consumers in the ocean such as small fish, crabs, and small whales. Due to the lack of algae most of the small sea animals will die leaving less food for the human beings. In addition to killing of algae, plants and animals; it is also destroying huge forests. The cycle of global warming causes and effects has extended its deadly claws to encapsulate every sector of society thereby posing vulnerability to all.

The pollution responsible for global warming is causing acid rain which destroys almost everything that it touches. Global warming makes the Earth too hot, due to which the leaves of plants and tress become dry and hence they catch fire very easily. In other words you can say that global warming is causing fire that sometimes wipes out a whole forest. If the number of trees keeps decreasing on the Earth, it will become harder for the people to breathe because in that case there will be more Carbon dioxide in the air. In short, you can say that it is important to protect plants and trees to reduce the effects of global warming.